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Kidney Stone October 25, 2006

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Sunday was a great day to be in church. We had an amazing choir do a special program for sacrament meeting. They sang one song for prelude and I was really excited for them to do their program. Right after the sacrament Andy started getting some pain in his side, that then moved to his back. Pretty soon he stood up and walked out of the meeting. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do, so I just stayed put. A few minutes later Bro. Palmer came and squatted by me and said Andy was in a lot of pain and needed me. I still wasn’t sure what was going on, so I walked out without our stuff. Andy needed to leave, so I had to tromp back in and gather our stuff and leave again. (Remember how this was probably the most interesting meeting we have had in a few months? not any more! we are gone!) Right as we get out of the church Andy tells me to take him to the ER. I knew at that point it was pretty serious. I didn’t even have a car seat in the car for Stryker cause I don’t worry so much about it on the 1 minute drive to church. I belted him in and prayed for both of them.

We went to Pioneer Valley Hospital and I got him in there. He was in a lot of pain. He is pretty tough and he was scaring me. Neither of us had any idea what it could be. It came on so sudden. They get us checked in. The girl was asking a bunch of questions (address, etc) and Andy could barely answer her. We are done and sit and wait and wait and wait. It was probably only like 10 or 15 minutes but it felt like a long time. Andy was hunched over and was struggling. He asked me to get him a garbage cause he felt like he was going to throw up, but he never did. They finally called us back and Andy was having some trouble walking he was in so much pain. The dr. (nurse) was asking him questions and taking blood and temperature and all that. He had trouble getting the temp. reading because A was in so much pain that he was breathing heavy through his mouth and couldn’t close it on the temp. wand. His hands were going numb a bit. They said that is because he was hyperventilating and that can cause numbness. It was pretty scary. He was shaking and trembling and crying out in pain. He didn’t want to talk or to be talked to and he didn’t want to be touched. We had Stryker and I know he was trying to not freak him out. At one point he told me he just wanted to die.

They finally got some morphine in him about an hour after we arrived (so, 12:30). They pretty much just knew it was a kidney stone and weren’t too worried. Joni and Gordon and Sam and Grandpa G. came pretty much right after they gave him morphine and he was still just white as a ghost and looked like death. They gave him a blessing and left with Stryker. I’m so glad I was able to get a hold of them. I really needed to get Stryker out of there. Andy’s pain level went down mostly then. He said he was still in some pain, but not bad. He mostly just dozed in and out of sleep. My mom and dad called and brought me some clothes to change into and some food and a book, but by the time they got there Andy was back from the CT scan. The dr. came in soon after they got there (which had been awhile since the scan. It takes forever!) and said it definitely was a kidney stone, but it was already in the bladder. You have pain as it is moving to the bladder and as it gets peed out and his was in the bladder waiting. It was one 2mm stone. So he gave us a pain prescription and an anti-nausea prescription and a strainer to pee through to catch the stone and sent us on our way. I do appreciate mom and dad bringing us stuff even though we got to go home soon after.

That night Andy was able to pass the stone without anymore pain….maybe he is tough, maybe he still had morphine in his system…we aren’t sure. 😉 and that whole escapade is over. What a scary day!


cleaning! October 16, 2006

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I spent 3 hours today after work cleaing my house! It’s sooo clean. I love it clean, but I’m pretty lazy about it. Now I just need someone to come over and see it before Stryker and Andy(and I) wake up tomorrow….


Friday the 13th October 13, 2006

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Oh no! It’s friday the 13th! lol this morning we walked to the park. Well, he rode his bike and I walked. He loves riding his bike. There were 3 other moms there that were really friendly. Andy said he went to the park yesterday and they were there-I lucked out finding them! We talked for a couple hours and they invited me to hang out with them on Monday’s when they get together. I might just have to rearrange my work schedule somehow cause that sounds like a lot of fun.

We have been thinking about buying a house and went and looked at one today. it’s kinda ghetto-we can’t afford much and I’m having trouble likeing the ones we can afford. We are way too spoiled where we are.

Stryker and I drove to Grandmi’s house tonight. Yes, we actually were able to go somewhere while Andy was at work! Horray for two cars! He actually wanted to ride his bike and I had to convince him to get into the car, but that is just a little to far to ride bikes.

He is sleeping in his tent again. I think this might become a permanent thing. I told him that it’s special and if he gets out and plays then he has to sleep in his bed. He loves it in there and he went to sleep great!


Our Family Picture

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Daddy Time October 12, 2006

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I am working as a file clerk at a Law office. The girl before me wasn’t doing a whole lot of filing so it was really backed up. I am mostly done with that. I have a bunch I can’t find so I’m working right now on organizing the storage room. There are boxes of closed files that have never been labeled so I’m doing that. Then hopefully I’ll be able to find some of the files I haven’t been able to. I do miss being home and I really don’t think this will be a long term job for me. It is nice though to get out and have a reason to get up and get ready in the morning. I was never able to convince myself that staying home and playing with a 3 year old was reason enough to acutally get ready(dressed, makeup, etc) every day. but I really miss being home.

We have two cars now! Andy’s brother Jed and his wife Lori bought a new 2nd car and just gave us their little truck! We are so happy to finally have two cars again. I love being able to go places while Andy is at work!


Stryker and Andy have seemed to have a rocky relat…

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Stryker and Andy have seemed to have a rocky relationship, but now that I’m working part time they are getting along so much better. I think Stryker is getting used to how daddy plays without needing me there to help him know it was ok. They could be playing and all of a sudden S would freak out and not want to play-it would help him so much to have me there laughing and reassuring him that all was well. He doesn’t need that anymore. It’s so great! They went to the park today. Stryker rode his bike the whole way. He is so cute on his little bike. 🙂 He has been talking about the park all day.

Today for nap we found him sleeping in his tent in his room. It was super cute. He wanted to sleep in the tent for bed also so I moved the pillow and blanket in. I don’t care where he sleeps as long as he sleeps…and he isn’t in my bed! 😉


A Fuzzy Birthday Ticker October 11, 2006

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Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker