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Stryker is such a creative kid. He is constantly p… October 11, 2006

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Stryker is such a creative kid. He is constantly pretending and living in his own world. I love it so much when he invites me in and we get to play together there. Today he is superman. The pajamas got washed and now he will wear them for a few days till I decide I can’t stand them anymore and make him take them off. They have a cape(or skirt, according to him) and he loves to fly(run) and make the cape flap in the wind. This can only be done outside…I think because he can run farther, or has more wind maybe.

I bought myself a body pillow the other day and have had that in bed with me. He has noticed this when he wakes me up in the morning. He now wants to “hug” his pillow instead of sleep on it. I’m pretty sure it’s cause he sees me sleeping next to/hugging my pillow. So, the last 3 nights he hasn’t slept on a pillow, he has just slept next to a pillow.


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