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Daddy Time October 12, 2006

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I am working as a file clerk at a Law office. The girl before me wasn’t doing a whole lot of filing so it was really backed up. I am mostly done with that. I have a bunch I can’t find so I’m working right now on organizing the storage room. There are boxes of closed files that have never been labeled so I’m doing that. Then hopefully I’ll be able to find some of the files I haven’t been able to. I do miss being home and I really don’t think this will be a long term job for me. It is nice though to get out and have a reason to get up and get ready in the morning. I was never able to convince myself that staying home and playing with a 3 year old was reason enough to acutally get ready(dressed, makeup, etc) every day. but I really miss being home.

We have two cars now! Andy’s brother Jed and his wife Lori bought a new 2nd car and just gave us their little truck! We are so happy to finally have two cars again. I love being able to go places while Andy is at work!


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