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Stryker and Andy have seemed to have a rocky relat… October 12, 2006

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Stryker and Andy have seemed to have a rocky relationship, but now that I’m working part time they are getting along so much better. I think Stryker is getting used to how daddy plays without needing me there to help him know it was ok. They could be playing and all of a sudden S would freak out and not want to play-it would help him so much to have me there laughing and reassuring him that all was well. He doesn’t need that anymore. It’s so great! They went to the park today. Stryker rode his bike the whole way. He is so cute on his little bike. 🙂 He has been talking about the park all day.

Today for nap we found him sleeping in his tent in his room. It was super cute. He wanted to sleep in the tent for bed also so I moved the pillow and blanket in. I don’t care where he sleeps as long as he sleeps…and he isn’t in my bed! 😉


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