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Friday the 13th October 13, 2006

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Oh no! It’s friday the 13th! lol this morning we walked to the park. Well, he rode his bike and I walked. He loves riding his bike. There were 3 other moms there that were really friendly. Andy said he went to the park yesterday and they were there-I lucked out finding them! We talked for a couple hours and they invited me to hang out with them on Monday’s when they get together. I might just have to rearrange my work schedule somehow cause that sounds like a lot of fun.

We have been thinking about buying a house and went and looked at one today. it’s kinda ghetto-we can’t afford much and I’m having trouble likeing the ones we can afford. We are way too spoiled where we are.

Stryker and I drove to Grandmi’s house tonight. Yes, we actually were able to go somewhere while Andy was at work! Horray for two cars! He actually wanted to ride his bike and I had to convince him to get into the car, but that is just a little to far to ride bikes.

He is sleeping in his tent again. I think this might become a permanent thing. I told him that it’s special and if he gets out and plays then he has to sleep in his bed. He loves it in there and he went to sleep great!


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