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maybe too picky… February 15, 2007

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For some reason, I’m pretty picky about my blogs. I’m having a hard time finding a site that I love completly. There are certain things I need out of a blog and i’m still searching. For now i like this one. I like the themes and that you can have two pics side-by-side. I like how easy it is to resize a picture. So for now, I will use this blog. It’s really nice that they all will upload each others posts. It’s like I was here the whole time! lol The question of the day is why do I sit here and spend a few hours playing with this and blogging rather than doing my taxes and filling out a fafsa that might even today be too late to turn in? This is a whole lot more fun.


One Response to “maybe too picky…”

  1. Kim Says:

    I like this blog. It is really pretty, like the colors. The only thing is it takes FOREVER to load the pictures, but I guess that is because I am on dial-up? Dunno. Love the family pics your dad took. He does such a good job…what does he shoot?

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