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Tonight was great March 1, 2007

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Today went pretty well, with only one major dissapointment for me. I think that emotionally I am on the level of a 3 year old. S needs warning for transition and can’t handle dissapointment well and I find I’m a lot the same way. Today the boys aunt was going to pick them up and take them for a few hours during which I was going to be picking up a couple dressers and trying to organize their room more. Well, The aunt called and had a great reason why she couldn’t take them today, which made it nearly impossible for me to get the dressers today(even with the help of some great friends.) It’s really hard for me emotionally. I plan on things happening and when they don’t I tend to have melt downs, just like a little 3 year old. Someday I’m hoping I’ll grow out of that.

But on the other hand, tonight went great!  I went to my sisters house for a few hours(to try and get out and not remember my disappointment). We came home and bedtime went well. I read books, got them into bed, got C into bed(and he stayed and didn’t cry! yay!) got a minute of cuddle time in with each of them and they went right to sleep! I couldn’t believe how easy tonight was. Now, all I need is for C to sleep through the night. Last night was rough, but the night before he slept fine. So I’m hoping last night was the fluke and not the night before. 😉

They are both so lovable. They need, they crave my attention(and A’s) and love hugs and cuddle and kisses. Any touch seems to mean so much to them. Any attention makes them both so happy. I have been amazed at my patience. I know I am being blessed with some extra patience and extra understanding. I’m only having one melt down a day(which is great for the amount of stress and change I’m feeling.) So this is going really well.


2 Responses to “Tonight was great”

  1. Aprill Says:

    You are doing great Ash. It’s fantastic what you are doing. And, you are more mature than a 3 year old. 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    So happy to hear that things went better tonight. I am thinking about you a lot and praying for ALL of you. I can’t wait to meet these little guys. Simply adorable!

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