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March 6, 2007

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I read something a friend wrote once about how the most ironic thing about being a mom is that if we do our job right, our kids won’t need us anymore. I know that is true but my heart honestly hurts just thinking about him not needing me someday. Little steps. I am going to make slow little steps and hopefully my heart can heal along on this journey.


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  1. Kim Says:

    My heart is really hurting for you. You know what helps me? Taking my kids out on a date. At least once a week, be it an hour or the whole day I take one of my kids ALONE with me somewhere. We go take a stroll around the mall to window shop, and then we stop and get a drink and a cookie…or I just take one to run errands with me. It gives me time to just spend with “the one” and it gives me time to talk to them, hug JUST them, and love on JUST THEM! It helps me so much, and I know it helps them so much. I think especially having two children is difficult…and the more you have the harder it will be to feel like you are giving yourself to your children. Strive to give 100% of yourself to each child each day, even if it is for five minutes…just devoting that small time to just you and them will help both of you tremendously! I think it will definitely help S and you during this transition. Ashlee, all of the things you are describing are VERY NORMAL feelings. I have felt them all too often…and one day it will all come together. Try the date thing though, it works wonders for you and for them! 😉

  2. Mom Says:

    I feel for you. It really is true. When your children grow up and leave home and don’t need you anymore (at least they think they don’t) it’s very hard. But every now and again they will still need your advice and they will always need your love so hang in there. Make sure you go out alone without the kids (with your husband) once a week, too.

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