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March 26, 2007

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Lace came over awhile back and took a bunch of pics of the boys. I’m finally getting around to posting them. Thanks Lace!

(note to self-do S’s hair more often. Hate the tail on the top of head when not done.)

Isn’t he just such a cutie!?!

I am fascinated by his itty bitty teeth…

Loving the new bunk bed

This one is definetly one of my favorites of C.

Hanging out with Dad-for some reason I really like this blurry one.

Lace was practicing having a blurry background. Nice job on the fish Lace!

How can you resist him!

Is Stryker a giant? he looks soooo tall.

I’m pretty sure Ax took this one. Pretty good job for a 5 year old if I say so…


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  1. Lacie Says:

    All of these pictures are so fun! I can’t believe that fish that Ax caught! I bet those boys are just loving being part of your family and the fun things like this you do with them! I love the ones of S and Ax, I think Ax’s arm is around S, they look like they are loving being brothers! And yes Ax did take that picture of me, nice composition and he mastered the blurred background thing that I’ve been working so hard on – I’m impressed!

  2. Trina Says:

    I love all the pics…You sure have some cute boys(by that I mean Andy too!!!!) I am totally going to have to come over soon and hang. Tanner would have so much fun with those boys!!!!

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