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I hate sorting clothes April 5, 2007

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I decided today to go through S’s old clothes to get out some summer clothes for C. He has mainly winter(since it’s been winter, it’s normal…)


I pull out the tubber for 12-18 month(which is what I think he’s in now) and the one labeled 2t-winter/3t-summer thinking maybe some of the 2t summer is in there(cause where else would it be? there isn’t another tubber of 2t stuff! nice labeling, huh?). I start pulling out clothes making one large pile of clothes I think would fit C, a very small pile of clothes that I can tell are too small, and a even smaller pile of clothes I think are too big. horrendous process, and horribly mind-numbing considering mostly all the clothes are hand-me-downs and in various stages of shrinkage, so I’m not able to just look at the labels. constantly guessing whether it looks big enough. I’m actually holding sleepers upright on the floor next to me trying to imagine that the empty sleeper is actually C and is he really that big or bigger(or smaller?) I get about half-way done and S comes in and decides he wants to wear one of the shirts. I tell him these are clothes for C, he won’t fit in them, but he persists, so I put it on him, mainly just to have that ‘I told you so’ moment that would end the conversation so I could get back to what I was doing. Well, the shirt he picked from the large pile of clothes I thought would fit C fit S perfect. Grrr… I get mostly done, and S comes in another time and sees a spiderman outfit he wants to wear. Again we start the whole conversation about these clothes are his old clothes, they are for C, he won’t fit, and again I give in and let him try it on, you know, to end the conversation. AGAIN-he fits in it. freakishly he fits in it, and I’m beginning to question a few things-like my ability to look at a peice of clothing and judge if it fits, Why I have all these clothes in storage if they still fit him, and the big one of the day-WHY does my 3 year old fit in his 24month spiderman outfit? He is not growing? Has he always been this big?

I gave up and now my house is being overrun by piles of clothes. (this sorting project and almost every other piece of clothing for all 3 of my children on the other side of the room. I was about ready to throw everything out and go buy new clothes until my sister reminded me that if I’m not able to decipher what child will fit into what at home, why would I be able to do that at the store?