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August 22, 2007

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Thanks guys. I’ll mostly be updating here.

We had surgery again this morning. There was unexpected fluid buildup in his belly so they had to open him up and drain that out. For now he is open and has a pump for that-we will go back in for that friday or saturday to see how that is doing, change the dressings and see how tight the skin is. They were going to try to do surgery on his back this afternoon, but now we have to wait for his belly to stabilize. He is in a lot of pain so they are keeping him mostly sedated so he doesn’t stress over that. He was saying his feet and calves hurt-but that is great news! lol He has a breating tube in. He doesn’t need it except for surgery but since he is going to have so many they are leaving it in. He doesn’t like that one bit. He asked how long, but no one knows. He is really uncomfortable, and once you see the pictures I’m sure you’ll understand why.

I really appreciate all the offers of help and I’m sure I’ll be needing some. For now my mom and MIL are taking the kids in the days and I’m at the hospital with Andy. He will be here for awhile but once he comes home I’m sure I’ll need extra help-people to take the kids out cause I probably wont’ be able to leave, help with meals, etc.

My sister is at the bank setting up a fund for us right now, once I have more info on that I’ll post it if anyone is interested in that.

and I’m going to be taking pictures tonight so I’ll probably post them tomorrow.


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