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Another day 3 update(this is what happened thursday) August 24, 2007

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Yesterday- I didn’t do an update last night, and now I’m having trouble remember what all happened yesterday. We had no surgeries today. He was fairly alert most of the day. He got an enema. They told him they were going to do one and he fingerspelled ‘what’s that?’ (lol )so we explained and he wasn’t all about that. They had us leave the room. We came back and I asked him how it was and he looked questioning at me so I asked if he knew what an enema was and he said no, so I explained it again and asked if her remembered it. He asked me if they had already done it. Yup. I’m glad you aren’t remembering most of this. I wonder how much you are going to remember.

He must have been really bored today. He kept asking for things to entertain him. We talked about the day before how in the future I am going to bring his Xbox in for him to play-today he asked about that. (not for a long time.) He asked for a game boy (he is so weird. We bought pokemon green leaf for Ax. Andy has all but stole it from him.) He wants his glasses. They brought a board that has all the letters written on it so he can just point to the letters and maybe that would be easier than signing (his fingers have been pretty swollen and tight so some letters are hard to make-like S). In theory the board would be easier, but he points to the intersection of 4 letters usually and not at one letter, so it’s way hard. It’s frustating for him to not be able to communicate and he hates it when I can’t figure out what he is saying. He has this look-like ‘I can’t believe you aren’t getting this!’ But it’s hard!-ie: ‘s’ and ‘e’ look basically the same right now, h and g he gets mixed up, his p’s and k’s are EXACTLY the same, etc. but I just laugh and him, though I don’t think he appreciates that.

They are giving him diuretics to clean out some fluids. He is really really swollen and they need to get a bunch out if they are going to do surgery to close up his belly. He is really responding to those and by the middle of the day I could tell a difference in his hands.

My ward and family held a fast for him/us today. Then a prayer meeting tonight. Dallas, my brother, is in our bishopric and was able to stand up and give a synopsis of what has been happening then we prayed. It was really special to see how many people came. We have had such an outpouring of support it’s hard to believe.

I love all the comments and emails and phone messages. I can’t always answer my phone but I do get the messages and although I’m not responding to much I read everything. I’m so thankful to have family close and such great friends. So many people have written and many have offered help. Thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll need you.

Do you want to see the toes he was so interested in? Can’t let these beautiful pictures go to waste. 🙂

This is Andy getting his teeth brushed. With a breathing tube they have to brush your teeth every 4 hours since you basically have a direct line to your lungs and could get infection(pneumonia) very easy.

He now has all the bandaging off his right leg. Since he has a titanium rod in there there is no need for a cast. Lots of bruising, 4 stiches and 22 staples. (still pretty good for 75 feet, eh?)


One Response to “Another day 3 update(this is what happened thursday)”

  1. Reid Says:

    Thanks Ashlee for keeping your blog updated. It’s comforting to be able see the progress being made.

    Tell him that I thinking of him, I luv’em, and that he is a pansy for breaking so many bones;)

    Sabrina and I are trying to think of what we could get him that would cheer him up–Sabrina suggested the game Operation but I’m not sure that would be good idea:)

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


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