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Day 4-Friday the 24th August 24, 2007

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I got to the hospital about 15 minutes before they took him back for surgery. He asked me what day it is (Friday-I had to ask lol) He tried to ask me if I brought his ipod (and signed ‘ipod’) but Ipod with 2 o’s is I pood and I thought he was trying to tell me he pooed so I kept asking him things like you just pooed in the bed? You pooed last night? You need to poo? Etc, and he was totally frustrated with me since he was just wanting his ipod. It was really funny. He’s pretty good at rolling his eyes at me.

Surgery went well. They were able to drain enough fluids yesterday that they could close him up all the way. Yay! He came back after about an hour in a hospital gown and looks much better than just covered with a sheet. Dr. White said that it all looks good in there-no internal bleeding still and no damage to the organs. He said it was quick-it only took them about 10 minutes to look around.

I spent another 15 minutes with him and then they took him back for another surgery. This time to put in a filter in a vein to help prevent clots. That surgery took about 2 and a half hours. Blegh-so at this point I had been at the hospital for close to 7 hours and I’d been able to be with Andy for half and hour! Surgery sucks! Lol

He came back from surgery REALLY drugged up. That is probably what happens when you do 2 surgeries in a row, huh? He was really really out of it the rest of the day. Every once in awhile he would start to finger spell something to me, but would get 2 letters out and then I’d lose him. Jenny, his sister, and I were taking pictures and he motioned for Jenny and was pulling her arm in and out-we finally figured out he was trying to pull himself up to sitting. I told him no way Mister-you can’t sit up and he looks all wide-eyed at me. Yeah, for the 50th time dude, you broke you back. ☺ He is hilarious.

He hasn’t pooed since the ambulance ride (you want ALL the details right?) so today they filled him full of laxatives. The enema yesterday didn’t produce anything I guess. He now has a poo bag. Ick. (I actually can’t wait to see poo in there. I feel like I’m constantly glancing at it. Didn’t think I’d ever be so interested in the color of his pee and if he is pooping. Lol) But, he still hadn’t pooed as of 6pm when I left.

I’m loving the dr.s’ and nurses. They have all been so great. They always ask if I have questions, they never make me feel rushed, they don’t talk down to me. They explain things well enough that I can understand them without making me feel like they are dumbing it down for me. They have all made it such a good experience so far.

Today Andy started in a study. He has ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndorme) and I guess ‘they’ are trying to figure out if albuterol (an asthma drug) can help that. The main negative thing that could happen would be a raised heart rate and hypertension, but they would stop the drug and control that, then the next time only give him half dose, etc. I see no problem with it so we started that today. They only do it while he is intabated and for 24 hours after, so it won’t be long. 🙂

I left at 6pm. I try and get home to spend some time with the kids and put them to bed at home, but it’s so hard to leave. I just wish I could sit with Andy the whole time, even though I’m missing my kids terribly. My Mother-in-law (MIL) was still there and called me later to tell me the nurse(Heidi) had told her (MIL) that the Dr. said they were going to try for the spine surgery tomorrow or sunday. Last I had heard it was going to be Monday or tuesday so I called and it’s true! They might be doing it tomorrow. That would be awesome. I’m pretty nervous about this back surgery and it will be nice when it’s over and I can worry about other things. That’s pretty exciting. The plan today was that we were going to take the breathing tube out tomorrow afternoon and then just take it in and out for the spine surgery since we were having to wait, but I bet since it’s been bumped him he will have it in till after that surgery. I’d love love love for that to happen tomorrow.

Here’s pictures from today:

full view-fancy new hospital gown.

Nasty picture-he looks half dead., but you can see the feeding tube going into his nose.

This is his left hand. He must have scraped it on the suttco building. it’s really raw, but merely a flesh wound. 😉

Ready for some nastiness? This is the fluid they are pulling from his lung:

This is is pee bag-notice how the container in the front is a lot lighter than the back. he is doing great!

The middle bag is his, sadly, empty poo bag:

Top left-that brownish container is his ‘food’ if you want to call it that. It goes right into his intestines, so no chance that he is tasting it:

Staples in the right side of his right leg.

and overflowing nasty garbage:

The toilet in the corner where the nurse takes his pee and dumps it and flushes it. I can’t imagine many people in the ICU are actually using their toilets themselves…

This is his left hand-it’s pretty bruised.

Another half dead picture. he is just so drugged up. how’s that for a nasty feeding tube?


4 Responses to “Day 4-Friday the 24th”

  1. Trina Says:

    Ashlee thanks again for keeping us posted and for the pictures…everytime I look at them I get tears in my eyes, It really is such a miracle!!! I love you guys and again let us know when you need anything. The support you guys are getting just amazes me….you have such great people that are in your life.

    One more thing…I love the poop bag picture….I guess you got to try and laugh about some of this…that was funny!!!

    Love you guys tonz,let Andy know we are thinking of him.


  2. Kimmie Says:

    I love your updates Ashlee, and you know what a sucker I am for all the photographs…love the graphic updates and looking back you will be so thankful that you have these! I just love you guys, it was so great to see you today. Oh, tell Andy I still adore his chops…that is how we know it is Andy under all that mass of tubing and swolleness!

    Love, love, love, you guys!


  3. Kei Says:

    Thanks for the updates Ashlee~ I have been checking this and the carepages site often during the day. Andy is in my prayers and thoughts, as are you and the kids. I have friends from my Down syndrome board who are praying too, and they would like to contribute to the fund, but I don’t know who is close to a US Bank to do that so I’m trying to come up with another way for them to send contributions.

    Love you my friend!

  4. marci Says:

    thanks for the updates!! i am so impressed with your positive attitude. you are really an inspiration, and make me oh so grateful for all we have at our finger tips. i am so happy for you that the staff is being so helpful…i personally love that hospital, and oddly enough i miss it quite a bit. one last thing, take my word and do not taste his “food” i did when gentry was in there and lets just say it is a good thing it goes straight to his belly!! ~grin~

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