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August 25th August 25, 2007

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I feel like I should put a disclaimer. I have started writing these on my phone while I’m at the hospital, so they are more detailed and I remember all that happens in the evening. The days are starting to run together-is it really only day 5? So, that means that my posts are now almost just a ‘mind-dump’ and the punctuation is horrible, but I just don’t have time to go through and correct everything. Sorry!

I got to the hospital @ 8:30 and parking wasn’t an issue. It was so nice to not have to drive around that parking garage 5 times. Andy’s pee is very normal and he has a little of poo liquid-but nothing to be excited about yet… so more laxatives this morning.

Nothing to talk about for last night while I was gone. Today they extabated him. woohoo!  The nurse said that dr. white said he talked to dr. Bauman (the orthopedic surgeon) and the spine dr. (I’m not sure his name) and the surgery is on for Tuesday. They will do the back and his sacrum. I haven’t heard that from dr. white myself, but that would be cool-I thought we were going to have to wait longer to fix the sacrum.

So they took out the breathing tube. And the stomach drain. Heidi brushed his teeth before they took it out and used a mouthwash. She was suctioning as she did it and when she would get the back of his throat he wasn’t liking it. it was hurting him. (But he was moving his legs and feet-like cringing in the pain-im not sure if you can picture that-but i feel like it was some significant leg movement.)

He can’t eat or drink for a few days probably the throat muscles need to get used to swallowing, etc. they don’t want him to aspirate. For awhile he had on a breathing mask with oxygen and a cool mist nebulizer attached.

they took out his chest tube. that looked like it hurt bad. he had a hole probably 1/2 inch wide. dang! now we watch and hope the lung doesn’t collapse again.

Lori and Jed, Joni and Gordon came up and Lori and I went down to eat. she bought me lunch. mom and dad met us there and we found a bigger table.

A dr. I haven’t met yet showed us all the x-rays and ct’s. they are pretty cool. before and after on the legs and ct scans of basically everything. It’s so weird! he made me more nervous for this back surgery though-his sacrum is broken a lot and the spine is broken and tilted to one side so the dr. talked about a few times about fusing all that together-but I cant imagine you’d have much lower back movement if its mostly fused together as one. I really worry about how Andy’s going to come out of this. if any of you know Andy he WON’T be happy ‘just’ being able to walk. he will want to run and jump and bend and stretch. I just pray that he will be alright and an extra prayer that he wont hate what he becomes after this.

he got moved to a new room today. 7th floor. they need more space in shock trauma. the next place he would go is med surg ICU but they are full so we get to go to ccu (cardio care unit) that is the cardiac ICU. she joked that he is probably going to be the youngest one there. 🙂 but they can do everything that he will need them to do. im sure we’ll miss Heidi! She’s been great. Joni actually got Heidi’s address to invite her to Andy’s coming home party.

just before we went to move him he signed ‘poo’.  fine-a-freakin-lutely! I told him to go ahead and push but he was having trouble(have you ever pooped laying down?) and wanted to sit up or roll over but sadly those are both against the rules-he was really frustrated with that. BUT did you just catch what I said? he is having the urge to poo! waahoooooo!!!!!!! I swear, every day feels like such huge progress. im not sure what that would mean to the dr.s but to me it means more hope and reassurance that he wont be incontinent. I’ve never been so happy to hear that the boy needs to poop. 😀

sad news of the day-he has been hallucinating all day, but at one point said he remembers. I asked what do you remember. he said falling. I asked if he remembers hitting the ground and he said no. then he said something about ropes and tying a knot and then said ‘my fault’. I really was hoping he wouldn’t remember any of it. it made me cry. he said  he keeps dreaming about it-about falling. so I asked him if he wanted a blessing and he signed ‘whatever’ so Gordon and Kevin gave him a blessing. he has a lot of time to think and dream and I just hope and pray that he won’t think and dream about the fall. I can’t imagine how horrible that could be.

so they moved him up to the CCU on the 7th floor. same rules, same floor plan(except he is on the other side-like where the medsurg icu would have been on floor 6) and same maximum security. lol but a nicer waiting room with softer cushions and ‘couches’ so you can lay down. and all the tables have pillows and blankets. nice!

Heidi came and said goodbye to us. she is so sweet.

we were able to get back and see him about 6:30. I told them we had been working on getting him alert so that the dr. could come take the neck brace off, but he was already saying his pain level was a 7 so could that happen now? lol (I was totally nice) they called down and talked to Heidi, but the dr. was on 2 traumas so it would be awhile before he could come. who knows if that can happen tonight. maybe we just try again tomorrow. He had been able to poo. (Yay! They took out the rectal tube, so I’m sure that helped too.) and was having gas and was still pooing. he was pushing and having those urges. I love it. I can honestly not put into words how much that means to me. I don’t know if that even means all I hope it does, but I’m sure it means something and ill take it. 🙂

he was getting swabs of water very sporadically at shock trauma, but up here he gets a little cup of ice water and I can give him swabs of water more often. he asked me what happens if he gets too much water(cause im sure if it was his choice he would just drink the whole cup) and I told him they don’t want him to aspirate then they have to intabate again-so we were taking it slow. I’ll have to ask tomorrow how fast is too fast. I feel bad leaving him all alone. It’s such a horrible feeling. no one to give him water. no one to advocate for pain meds. no one to scratch his head. 😦

I was talking to his mom about what my plans are for tomorrow since she is taking the boys and how im torn-I feel its important to be there but I feel like its important to be going to church too and that I was probably going to go to church then come up and he pointed to himself then me then him. I asked if that meant he wanted me to come here and not go to church and he nodded adamantly yes-so I’ll be coming up here. probably just find out when church is here and maybe leave for a few minutes to do that.

by the end of the night he was talking a little better-still really forced and quiet and raspy, but understandable at least.

I love him so much. this has been a really good day but a pretty hard day. I can’t imagine how helpless he feels. I think it will be so much better after this back surgery. we are thinking he will be able to have more movement and probably sit up-so that will be so good. he asks me a billion times a day to move him or sit up etc. it must be miserable.

His still empty poo bag from this morning:

Much clearer pee:

He got extabated! Yay!

The wrapping came off his tummy:

His hand is really bruised still:

Chest tube in:

Chest tube out:

Nasty bruised arm. I hadn’t even seen this till they were taking his chest tube out.

Another tribute to his toes. 🙂 and the bruising on his foot:

No breathing tube! No stomach suction! No face mask! WooHoo!


5 Responses to “August 25th”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Ashlee, I’m so glad to hear there’s some progress!

  2. Jen Says:

    What a fighter! He is doing awesome!

  3. Kimmie Says:

    Look how great his hands look today! Almost NO swelling whatsoever! Love that, and all of the wicked scars he is going to have. It is really all so amazing. We talk about Andy quite often, Jothan asks a lot of questions, it is good because it keeps us praying and contemplating what a miracle it is that Mr. Andy is still here. Look at those pearly whites…bet you have never been so glad to see them without tubes sticking out! Love you Ash!

  4. Kei Says:

    I’m so glad to hear how things are going! Andy is such a miracle, and it’s great to read the progress he is making day by day.

  5. Tony Says:

    I think it finally kicked in now. I am officially “shocked!” When my dad and I dropped by yesterday you weren’t there (cuz you had moved to the 7th floor) and I had seriousely thought of the worst. DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!!! I NEED HOURLY UPDATES TO NOT GO CRAZY!!! Once a day is great though. Thanks for updating for us! Still,… anything???? let me know! I’ll drop everything and do it. Do not hesitate!!!!

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