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Aug. 26-Day 6 August 26, 2007

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Andy is off the fentanyl-his super painkiller, but also what was making him so sleepy and loopy and hallucingating. I didn’t really expound on that yesterday-he would tell me he was seeing things as he was seeing them. It was really funny. He was seeing little cars zip around on the ceiling. He told me about dreaming he was walking to leather couches. He saw orange juice on his right and later Charlie floating above him on his left. He said he sees different colored rooms-I think meaning hte room was changing colors. He was hilarious.

He is really alert and talking this morning. He has had a couple dr.s come in to check his tummy and I guess it’s rpetty ticklish, so he was telling them they could touch it as long as they don’t tickle it. He is really thirsty but he can’t have anything yet except ice chips. He is liking the ice chips, but is begging for a sno cone. Literally beggin for a sno cone. He has asked every single person that comes in if he can be cleared for that. He finally got someone to clear him for that so he told me 3 different flavors that he wants. lol

His main pain this morning is in his right hip-he says it’s his sciatic nerve, and maybe it is, but there is quite a bit of damage down there so it could just be all the nerves. He has a rectal tube again-it’s probably much easier than changing the pads under him.

He got a spirometer today(the thing you blow into to work you lungs and loosen up phlegm) amd was able to get up to 1500. They gave him the goal of 1100 and he pushed it up to 1500, but when he got to 1250 he pushed it up even farther. Way to be tough Andy. He really is trying hard. I can give him ice chips as long as he tries to cough after. He has made some good progress on that.

He can feel the tops of his feet but not the bottoms he says-and when they touch his feet he is not feeling when they touch his right one. He can still wiggle his toes. He asked me at one point which leg the cast was on-he thinks it’s on the wrong leg. I think we will know a lot more after surgery on Tuesday. and over time. All of that doesn’t mean it’s premanant yet.

I helped with ‘bath’ and changing of sheets. They brushed his teeth and put on lotion and deodarant. That happens every day but I’ve just never been here for it. He definetly isn’t as breakable as I thought he was, lol. We were rolling his to one side and then the other to change the sheets and wash his back. I’m a lot more confortable helping him move his legs and change pillows, etc.

He got his neck brace off today! yay! He is off the fetanyl and no on roxycodin(sp?. He is in a lot of pain-the medicine wears off around 3 hours and he can have it every 4 hours-so I’m doing a lot of fussing with pillows and legs and ice packs. There is a danger that he will get used to the new drug so they can’t just keep upping hte dose. His nurse(clare) is going to have pain services come, but then later the trauma dr. came up and I asked him about that and he basically told me they’d rather try themselves to control it and tried to discourage me from requesting them, so I’m torn. (I am tending to lean towards the nurse since I haven’t even seen this dr. since the first day…) I’m definetly going to ask the nurse tomorrow how tonight went and go from there. I hate leaving him. She just can’t sit there all night and wait for him to need a pillow move or a leg adjustment so he’s more on his own and I can’t imagine how much that would suck.

A few of the dr.’s that came in today said that probably after his surgery on his back and sacrum he won’t be in the icu anymore. That would be cool!

Ha-I told him to smile, and this is what I get. lol

Bathtime-he gets one everyday.

Nasty teeth-they got brushed later.

His leg. That’s gonna be one sweet scar.

This is the brusing on his left hip.

Practicing in the spirometer

Watching tv


9 Responses to “Aug. 26-Day 6”

  1. Trina Says:

    I was so excited to see this post today…it really got me to smile…He looks sooooo much better and the progress is amazing!! yeah andy…way to go!!!! I am so proud of you!!! You are still in my thoughts everyday…I check everyday before I go to bed on your progress!!! Thanks again ashlee for the updates…they are awesome!!! Love you guys!!!!

    Trina and Mike

  2. Kimmie Says:

    YAY, looking more like himself today! AWESOME, AWESOME. When he can have liquids, I will have to bring him my favorite drink from Red Lobster…YUMMY! Been craving one myself all week long. Looking good dude!

  3. Janel Says:

    Been thinking and praying for you guys all the way from CA. It is great to see your hubby is looking much better then the previous days. ++++ Thoughts +++++

  4. Jen Says:

    I just keep being amazed at his recovery every day. I cant wait to see him home! I bet it will be sooner than you imagine!

  5. Tony Says:

    I can’t wait for him to leave the icu!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see him

  6. Tony Says:

    I’m glad all is alright! Andrew’s a fighter and he’ll get through this with a great sense of humor. Evelyn (under Tony’s name) Your in our prayers!

  7. April Says:

    Wow! He looks a lot better! I can’t believe it’s only been a few days since the accident! It looks like the prayers are helping! Hang in there! (I guess Tony, Andy and Shawn worked together on Ty’s fence) so Shawn has registered with the carepages and has been keeping up on his progress from CA. He sends his well wishes too! April

  8. Sally Says:


    These updates have been so informative. Thank you for keeping us all updated. I just wanted you to know that you continue to be in my prayers. I will pray for the surgery tomorrow and want you to know that we all hope things go well and the results are positive. Please try to stay strong tomorrow and try not to let the hours waiting wear you down. He’s in wonderful hands and the Lord is watching over him.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Ashley and Andy, I just got into town today and heard what had happened. I am so glad that things were not worse than they are and that through all of this neither of you have lost your strong spirits even though I can’t imagine how hard this must be.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers and I can’t wait until this is just a story you can share around the campfire. Love to all…

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