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Aug. 27th (Day 7) August 27, 2007

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Andys pain level is more under control  today. He was a lot more alert today. We talked quite a bit and it wasn’t wearing him out like it has been other days. The medicine still knocks him out for an hour or two after he gets it, but then it’s more normal.

He got a sno cone today. I brought up lemon-lime and a blue raspberry. He ate very little-He was liking them, but it’s a lot of sugar, and he hasn’t even had food for awhile so he wasn’t eating very much. He still can’t eat/drink and is dying. He isn’t missing the food at all, but he really is missing the drink. He is constantly thirsty and can’t have actual drinks. So sad. I went down to lunch and when I came back he asked me what I ate (bacon cheeseburger and fries) and he made a ‘yucky’ face then he asked me what I had to drink (fresca) and he was dying and suddenly craving fresca. (so ya’ll know what to bring for him when he finally gets cleared to drink. lol)

He has less feeling in his toes than he has had on previous days. He can pull his right foot up some but very little pusing down. That worries me, but I’m defineltly trying to mentally hold out for a month or two and see where he’s at then.

His sacrum injury is very rare-the largest study is 4 cases. (then the dr. explained that means that the dr. who’s done the most of this surgery has only done 4 in his whole carreer. Wow. That’s crazy, He didn’t say but I’m assuming that means that he’s never done one. He told me he had been researching it. Last I heard, the surgery on his sacrum will be 2-part-fusing the outside broken part to the pelvic bone then the middle part in a week or so.

The heel-really hard. Dr. Butterfield said a conservative guess is that there are 50 pieces in there-he is going to squish it together to hopefully the width if a heel and let it heal and see from there. (He told me that they ‘used to’ fix a shatter like this by putting a board on one side of the foot and using a rubber mallet on the other side to squish it together. I couldn’t gather the guts to ask how they do it now, but he didn’t make it sound like surgery is involved…..) Running and jumping sounds more negative from a heel stand point than a spine standpoint lately.
So we have surgery tomorrow at 7:30am. They are going in through the front to connect that peice of sacrum to the pelvic bone, then if he’s doing alright they will flip him over and open up his back and do the spine surgery. I think it’s crazy that next time I see him he will have 2 MORE slits in him. They really are trying to torture him I think. 🙂 I’m praying so hard for the drs to be guided and inspired. I’m really really nervous-so much of his future depends on tomorrow morning and I can’t bear to think that they haven’t even done a surgery like this. Please pray for Andy, for the Dr.s and for me-We are all going to need it tomorrow.

Tomorrow after surgery he should be moved again-they must now have room in the medsurg icu, so he is going to be there. That means we are on the 6th floor again just on the opposite side. I’m a little more comfortable with that, I know that all the nurses are great and know what they are doing, but I can imagine that if they’ve worked in the cardiac icu for a long time they might not be as familiar with trauma injuries like the other icu’s might be.

Smiling again. What a ham.

He got this leg brace today. He was starting to get ‘foot drop’. Laying in bed your foot is always at that downward angle and the achilles tendon can tighten and pull it down down down, so he gets to wear that to keep the foot up. You don’t want to have to do physical therapy to stretch that tendon when this is all over.

I think I always take the pictures from the other side and I’m not sure there has been a picture of his central line in his neck.

Full body shot from this morning, obviously before he got his boot on. He is playing with his ipod. (that only lasts a few mintues-it must be too much stimulation still probably)

His poo bag. It’s back, and yucky. (ah, and not rotated…)

And the star picture of the day-I got a picture while they were changing the dressing on his chest tube hole. NASTY!


5 Responses to “Aug. 27th (Day 7)”

  1. Kei Says:

    Nice picture for your blog header Ashlee, lol.
    I marvel at the daily progress that Andy is making, and I thank God for listening to everyone’s prayers.
    I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and saying prayers for Andy, the surgical staff, and you.

  2. Kimmie Says:

    Never thought I would see Andy’s poo, there you go! Wow, so many nasty scars…so much pain. I look at these photos and read what you have written and it pains me that he is hurting so much! My heart is breaking for you guys right now. So happy that he is doing so well, and yet knowing it will be a long road ahead. Hang in there, our thoughts will be with him throughout the surgery tomorrow, I already can’t wait until the next update!

    Love you guys!

  3. Tony Says:

    good luck today Andystein!

  4. Trina Says:

    Good luck with the surgery…I will pray for you that it will all go well!!
    Andy the superman!!!!!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Wow – you guys are amazing, good luck with the surgery we will be eagerly awaiting updates.


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