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Aug. 31st August 31, 2007

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My friend tonya took the boys today. I tried to bypass the traffic but there is traffic everywhere. 😉 I got to the hospital around 9:30 and used valet. I called earlier and asked how it worked, fees and tips-it is totally free and tipless. WHY HAVE I BEEN PARKING MY OWN CAR? It was SO nice today. I just drove up and walked in. Love love love valet.

I had been told he had surgery at 9am, but Annie said it was on the schedule for 9:45 and they didn’t get the call to take him down till 10:00-so I was able to spend some time with him. He was really out of it and hallucinating again. I really hope that we just have a few more days till he can escape this fog. He got close once but we have had so many surgeries so close together his body hasn’t been able to really recover. This is the last one for awhile though. Yay! Tomorrow ‘they’ should be able to do the swallow study and he should be able to drink. He will love that. He is so thirsty. Then, hopefully just a few more days and he will get to eat and get the feeding tube taken out. That will be awesome.
Dr. Butterfield came and talked to us at 1:30. Andy did fine. He wasn’t able to get that bone aligned all the way and mentioned how frustating that was-that he is pretty strong and using levers etc. He was only able to get it within 1 cm next to and 1 cm in front of where it should be. He put in bone growth powder(crush up the bones of 200 healthy people and take out the good bone growth hormone and that’s what andy got today-at a cost of 5000.00 a shot!) the bone should grow together just fine. He said that is why Dr. Bauman wanted to do the spine surgery first to make sure they had room to get the spine in place, so it’s probably a good thing they did. That is a joint that will now be fused, but it only has about a milineter of movement so he won’t even notice that one.

When I went back he was in a lot of pain. Almost crying. It was surprising me that he wasn’t crying actually. We got pain killer in him, and Annie called and got an order for some extra. We got the tv turned on and he was able to calm down. He struggled today, He slept about half the time, but just can’t get comfortable. He does get more movement now, so I think that is helping, but he just has so much of his body that hurts it’s next to impossible to get him comfortable.

I left at 5:30 to go get my kids. It takes so long to get across the valley. pooey. His mom was on her way up so he wouldn’t be alone tonight. I want him to be ok and to not be stressing out, so this is good. She just called me(8pm) and said that Andy wanted to talk to me. I asked how he was doing and he said fine, but he didn’t know his pain number. He asked if I missed him. Of course I do! but I explained that I have to be with the kids(though I’m useless tonight, all anyone is doing here is yelling and whining) and his mom is there to take care of him. Stryker had just pulled a pokey out of his foot and was bleeding a bit and was freaking out a lot, so I had to go, but I told him I loved him and I’d see him tomorrow. He seemed ok with that.


6 Responses to “Aug. 31st”

  1. Kei Says:

    Go glad it went so well today. May the swallow test tomorrow go smoothly and Andy gets the go-ahead to drink! Snuggle the boys and get some sleep.

  2. Stacey Says:

    I second the yay for valet parking. You need to use it everyday. I hope they can get Andy’s pain under control. Take care of yourself.
    Stacey Hay

  3. Lace Says:

    It breaks my heart that Andy’s in so much pain! Poor guy! I can’t wait until the surgeries are all over and he can start to recover. I love to hear how much he wants you there with him, it’s really sweet how much you guys love each other.

  4. Trina Says:

    YOU ARE JUST A STRONG WOMAN that is all I can say!!! I really admire your strenghth!!!!
    I agree with lac…it is really neat to see how much you two really love eachother, you are such a good wife and a good mom. Your family is lucky to have you!!!!

  5. Ashley Says:

    I am so glad you found out about the parking. I really does help!!

  6. Kimmie Says:

    All I can say is hallelujah for VALET!

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