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Sept. 1st September 1, 2007

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Lots of good things happened today! We got the back brace on him. They have a chair they call the stroke chair that lays flat and can be angled up. They moved him over to that and he got to about 45 degrees. He sat there for about 2 hours. Its not the funnest thing ever but its important to get him sitting up and moving his body. while he was sitting up the speech therapist came and did the swallow study to test his lag time swallowing(since he is on narcotics) and if his voice sounds wet after he talks. We can’t have him aspirating if he is drinking. He got cleared to drink and eat if he is sitting up. Yay! He was happy. I immediately ran and grabbed him some orange juice and he drank the whole thing. They are going to cut down his feeding in the tube to half in hopes that he will get hungry and want to eat. He is so happy to drink. Its awesome. 🙂

He has had a fever the last few days and his blood cultures came back showing nothing so they are getting worried about pnemonia. They did chest xrays and it showed that he isn’t using all of his lungs-they aren’t getting expanded all the way so its good to get him sitting and moving some and using the spirometer again. The nurse (katy) made him do that 10 good times (to 1000 on the machine) while he was sitting then right after that the respiratory therapist came in and made him do it more and higher! We really are torturing him today.

they took out his art line on his arm and his central line in his neck and just put in an iv line on his arm. He wanted to sit up again so we did. Its a ton of work to get him moved to that chair. Whew! (we found out after that he was confused. We had told him he would have to do the chair once a day and he thought it was a new day so he was thinking he would have to do it soon and lets just get it over with.)He sat in it again for about an hour and a half for a grand total of 3 and a half hours today. If you consider that it takes us AT LEAST a half hour to move him there and get him comfortable and at least a half hour to move him back and get him confortable, we spent 5 and a half hours or more doing that today.

I went downstairs and got him ice cream. He ate a little of that while he was up but not very much. More for me! Once he laid back down Katy took out his catheter. I hope hope hope that he is able to control that. We will see. She said that even someone with normal control can have a few accidents after getting a catheter out, so it will be a day or two maybe before we know anything.

He also get the staples out of his tummy this morning. He made katy keep them and when I got here she gave them to me. Eww. But ill just add this to
his collection. I wish I had thought to have dr. Butterfield get a bone chip.

He is so tired. We have worked him hard today. After all that he crashed, but only for a few minutes then the respiratory therapist lady came back in with a torture device. It’s called a Interpulmonary percussionater ventilator. I can’t quite figure it out. She says it creates backwards pressure. It’s supossed to help him breath deeper to prevent pnemonia. I can’t even explain what it does-she plugs his nose and it seals over his mouth and it looks like it is creating short small breaths and he has to try and breathe deep. Maybe he is having to fight agaist the machine and that makes his lungs stronger. Its weird. She alternates it with the spirometer. Poor dude-it doesn’t look fun. And he’s exhausted. She said they will come every 4 hours to do this. So now we start all the therapy. No rest for the weary.

katy’s goal today was to keep him less medicated and more alert during the day so at night he will sleep better at night. I think that is a great idea-maybe if he just sleeps through the night we won’t need someone here to be with him. BUT that means I’m having to deal with him ALL DAY LONG! Lol he is like a demanding 2 year old. he just has a lot of pain and is always uncomfortable. We are constantly rearranging him. I think he usually doesn’t know how he wants to be-he just knows that he wants to be different than he is. Its hard. He’s asked us a few times today to move him to impossible positions and repeatdly to positions that just the second before hurt him. Its been frustating and I was having a hard time having patience. This is going to be along hard road.

they said he might get out of the icu today or tomorrow but that was before the chest xray so that’s not happening yet.. I’m excited for that but I do not want to rush it. I’m a bit nervous for that-he won’t have all the attention and we can wait a few more days. It looks like a few things all grouped together are holding him in the icu still. I’m not sure each of them seperately would keep him in, but all of them do. Things keeping him in icu are-the bad chest xray, and his right lung sounding yucky, that he has a fever, that he still needs adavan at night to relax when he’s alone, and I thought there was one more thing, but I can’t remember.

As the respiratory therapist was finishing up Dr. butterfield came in and said that the staples in his legs should come out Tuesday. He wants Andy to be in that chair 3 times a day. [3 times a day! and the respiratory therapist every 4 hours, and I’m sure physical therapy will start soon. This is crazy! this is why he will go to rehab before home though.] poor andy-since he did the chair twice today I don’t think they’ll let him go backwards to just one a day.

Katy noticed today that the oxycotin he has been getting every 12 hours is a slow release tablet but they’ve been crushing it up to put it in through his central line-so he has been getting a 12 hour pill all crushed up and concentrated. Scary! That is probably why he he so sleepy and hallucinating! So she had him swallow the pills, and I’m sure he will get them that way from now on. She said someone else was writing up a report. What a mistake, eh? good thing it didn’t hurt him.

So all in all today was good, and crazy busy. Everyone finally left him alone around 5pm and he crashed. I left at 5:30 and I don’t think he had even moved. I hope he sleeps well tonight. Tomorrow I’m staying home with my kids most of the day and his mom and dad are going to be there with him. I’m taking the kids up after church to see him. They are so excited to finally see Daddy. I bet he will love to see them.

Pictures for today-I’m frustated, I rotate these pictures in Iphoto, upload to photobucket, rotate again in photobucket since they didnt upload rotated, link them to here and some of them won’t stay rotated, so I’m sorry-I know it’s hard to see them like this, but I can’t fix it.

He got his central line out, and I bet the bandaging will be off tomorrow too.

This is a picture of the central line out of his neck. I can’t beleive how far in it goes!

This is the iv port they have in his arm now.

This is the first time sitting up.

This is the second time-check out how high he is sitting! Great job Andy!

He won’t give me a decent smile-here’s his forced cheesy smile.

Here is the lovely car my brother bought. This is the one the machine fell on after Andy fell.


7 Responses to “Sept. 1st”

  1. Kei Says:

    Wow, Ashlee, Andy is such a miracle. He is making great progress each day! LOL about being like a demanding 2 yr old. I don’t know how he could possibly find a way to be comfortable with everything he’s been through. Keeping him in my prayers! I’ll bet seeing the kids will put a big smile (not cheesy) on his face.
    Hugs my friend.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Wow, sounds like a busy day indeed! I have to ask- did your brother really buy that car to keep? I could just picture you putting all of the staples in the glove compartment!

    I am so happy to see that things are improving for him. I hope you are getting some rest, too.

  3. Trina Says:

    Great Job andy…way to go!!!!

  4. Sherry Says:


    It is so good to hear of all the progress Andy is making. It is really good to see him sitting up.
    You are so supportive and thank you for taking the time to update us on his progress.

  5. April Says:

    Was that his car before the equipment fell on it or did he buy it because the equipment fell on it? I am so glad the kiddos get to see him tomorrow! Yay! That should make hime feel a little better! April Barrett

  6. Tony Says:


  7. Kimmie Says:

    Okay, must hear the story about the car…must! LOVE THAT, ANDY will love that! Seriously, everything is just miraculous, I can’t get over it, and have thought of your little family constantly, and have been praying for you. It is so good to hear he can drink now, and hopefully be eating all on his own in a few days, although I know when I am on pain meds, food is the last thing I want. GO ANDY!

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