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Sept. 2nd September 2, 2007

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Today I stayed home with my boys. Andy’s parents went up to be with him all day and we just hung out here. We went to church. Stryker didn’t want to leave my side so he came to classes with me and cuddled to sleep, then in Sacrament I cuddled Charlie to sleep and laid him on the bench then cuddled Alex to sleep. lol They all really needed some good cuddling today.

After church I took the boys up to visit Andy. He was really out of it the whole time I was there. Alex asked if Daddy was dying. no way! They were both really cute.

I guess Andy was in the chair for 3 hours today. While I was there the nurse went to give him medicine and I asked about the crushed oxycotin and he was giving it to him again! Hello?!? So I told him that isn’t ok and he is going to do another report I guess. I’m just going to have to call and talk to each nurse I guess. Why is that so hard to see that it’s slow release. I’m fairly forgiving, but again? Not ok. I’m calling later tonight to talk to the night nurse and if he/she doesn’t say that there is a note or something I’m reporting it tomorrow I think. That’s just not ok.

We had family dinner at my bro’s house(upstairs), then the boys went to bed. Hopefully they were able to get in enough ‘mommy’ today to last them all week.

The story with the car-It’s the car the machine fell on, and my brother’s deductible would have been 500, but only 1000.00 just to buy the car, so to prevent his  insurance rate from going up he just bought it flat out. So now we have 5 cars and only 4 people that can drive living in the house(if you can count andy), plus right now my sister is sleeping over every night so I don’t have to be alone, so 6 cars and 5 people. It’s just a car lot here!


4 Responses to “Sept. 2nd”

  1. Tony Says:

    andystien is my hero!!! I’m glad the boys got to see daddy! He’s gonna pull through.

  2. Kei Says:

    Glad you got some great cuddle time in with the boys. I hope the hospital gets the oxycotin pill issue straightened out!
    Robert said you ought to sell the car on E-Bay along with the story, let the media know, and use it as fundraiser.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers.

  3. Hil Says:

    I used to work in a nursing home, I remember hearing that it was OK to crush , not because it’s a slow-release tablet (it’s just at tiny pill, not like the slow-release tablets that iron sometimes comes in), but because it has a long half life…
    Yes, I’m a stalker — a friend gave me your blog address, as I am a nurse they thought I might be interested to see the patient experience from the other side….
    Anyway, something to check on before you make an issue of it. ‘s a great long-acting . You won’t want to take him off it if you don’t have to.

  4. ashandike Says:

    Love that idea Kei! I’ll talk to my brother.

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