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Sept. 4th September 4, 2007

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Not much happened while I was there today. He mostly just slept. Someone came in to check for fluid around his heart. I’m sure it has a fancy name, but basically they were doing a ultrasound of his heart and lungs. He did find fluid around his heart and lungs, but the dr.’s say they aren’t that concerned yet. We have him on 2 different medicines to help him get rid of fluids-a diuretic and something else. Hopefully those work, they will check again in a couple days. If they don’t work then they have to put a needle in that area to drain the fluid. Andy was concerned that it would hurt and they told him they numb the skin where they go in. I bet it would hurt a ton!

His arm is still swollen and now his neck and check look swollen. These new medicines should work for that. They were able to talk to the Dr. and get his blood thinners bumped up to 98. (98 something-his nurse (jon) said that they were at 45 and now at 98) That should get rid of those blood clots.

I left around noon to take Alex to an appointment. My parents had come up and were leaving soon, and my sister was on her way so he didn’t have to be alone. I really have such great family. While I was gone they had him sit in the chair for and hour and a half, and the dr.’s came on rounds and talked to my family about all this. After they moved him back to his bed Andy sarcastically said ‘oh yeah’ like he was enjoying all of this and made everyone laugh.

His temperature is up again, but his white blood count is down-almost normal, so they aren’t concerned about that anymore.

TJ came by-He has been in New York, and Wednesday when Andy was calling me, I guess he called TJkj too, but TJ couldn’t understand what he was saying. How funny!

He finally found a comfortable spot and really slept for a long time. I bet that it felt so good for him.

I called him tonight, mostly to talk and let him know I was thinking of him, but he just wanted to go to sleep. Goodnight mister. See you tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Sept. 4th”

  1. Kei Says:

    They are probably checking the fluid in the sac-like membrane (pericardium) of his heart for pericaridal effusion. It normally has fluid, which acts like a lubricant. Sometimes there’s an increase in fluid because of the body’s autoimmune response. The doctors probably aren’t concerned right now because it is often caused by trauma, and heaven knows, Andy’s been through it.
    I know more about hearts than I ever did before William!

    You do have a great family and I’m so glad everyone is there for you & Andy.
    Hugs, Kei

  2. Tony Says:

    I’m so glad he’s joking around again! Go ANDYSTEIN!

  3. ashandike Says:

    That’s exactly it Kei-Good to know it’s normal to have some. Thanks!

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