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Sept. 5th September 5, 2007

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I stayed home thismorning and did some dishes, some laundry, and some bill
paying. My mom was up with andy. I stayed home since it was alex’s first
day of kindergarten. He was excited and looked super cute.

here’s my moms report of what happened today:

the case worker came in and recommended ‘humor therapy’ ie-help him to
laugh, bring in funny movies,jokes, books, etc.

his temp is still up.

The trauma team wants him to keep his left arm elevated, and we need to
encourage any and all food. He needs to eat more. (my mom and I are
wondering if maybe he is jut taking all this medicine on an empty stomach
its making him feel naseous. ) they said he had 3 liters of pee-im not sure
in howlong, but the idea is that he is putting out a lot, so the
diarrectics are working.

He had follow up xrays on his spine done. And for lunch he ate 2-3 bites of
meat and one bite of ice cream.

I got here around 4 pm. Andy got out of the chair right after I came. I
read to him. His caseworker brought in a ‘funny’ book earlier. It is a
short older childs book and I read the whole thing to him. He seeemed to
like it. I think it helped him to not focus on the pain. He is in a lot of
pain and just can’t get comfortable.

the lady came in to do the breathing treatment then wanted andy to try and
cough up some fleghm but he is pretty dry and just can’t. They want to be
able to culture it but he comes as close to throwing up as you can without
throwing up. its horrible. I feel o much for him. He wasn’t able to get
anything out that they wanted so he has to try again later tonight.
for dinner I told him I wanted 10 bites but then the respiratpry therapist
lady came in and wanted the lung sample so I let him by at 7 bites.

He has a high fever. Right now, after ice packs he is at 105. For awhile
the thermometer wasn’t even able to read his temp-it can only go up to
105….ack! This is so nerve racking. I sit here and am so helpless. I
can’t imagine what he is feeling.

Oh, and valet sucks at night. It took me over a half hour to get my car tonight. grrr. I just want to leave!


5 Responses to “Sept. 5th”

  1. Kei Says:

    Prayers that his fever breaks and they find out what caused it.

    Humor therapy huh? Has he seen The Ringer? We laughed til we cried. And Dumb & Dumber gets me… every time!

    Hugs and prayers, Kei

  2. Pam Says:

    Hi there. I have been reading your blog since Kei asked for prayers. I know Kei from a local Down Syndrome board.

    I heard about this on the news but did not connect that it was you until a week ago. Anyways, I have been saying prayers on a daily basis. I know how bad hospitals stink. We have had our fair share of major hospital stays over the past two years.

    I live in Utah County, so if there is anything I can do let me know. I know how it is to have strangers want to help, and you think, “what? I don’t even know you!” But seriously, the offer stands. I used to run a Hollywood video, and there was a movie that came out called Just Friends, WAY funny movie.

    Also we really enjoy Who’s Line is it Anyway? We roll when we watch that. I could maybe tape some episodes and send them up to you?

    Once again, just want to help 🙂

    For now we will pray that this fever goes down, and that they can figure out what is causing it. That’s the worst is the unknown. Praying lots and lots…….

    Pam Bird

  3. Sarah Says:

    Humor Therapy! I love it! I am sure your whole family could use a little of that right now.

    Lots of love ~


  4. Kimmie Says:

    Poor Andy, hope that fever comes down too, that is just crazy! Hang in there lady…I’ll think of some funny movies, we just watched “The Ex” with Zach Braft…SO, SO, funny…

  5. Tony Says:

    yes, the ringer!!!! Definantely the ringer!!! One of my top ten next to Elf, and of course, dumb and dummer as well.

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