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Sept. 6th September 6, 2007

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We had a mess with visit this morning-but in the end it didn’t happen and
heidi, my sil offered to take the boys to my mil’s house. I left my house
at 9:20 and after waiting in line at valet forever finally got up to his
room at 10:20. You just have to wait in line at valet-there is only one
lady that does it and if there’s a line it can take awhile. A couple pulled
in behind me and I could tell the man was frustated-he got out of his car
at one point and was looking all mad and trying to see what the holdup was.
Once I was the first car in line (and I stopped to wait for the valet lady
to come get my car) he came up and asked me to pull forward since there is
a whole line that is waiting to get through. I treid to explain that no, I
was not going to give up my place in line, that this was the valet spot and
if I pull forward someone else will take my spot, etc. He was not happy. I
can understand that would be frustating if you weren’t there for valet, but
he didn’t even drop someone off or pick anyone up so I’m not sure why he
even drove into that rainbow. Sorry buddy-im not moving.

The trauma team(those are his main drs right now) came by. He still has
extra fluid around his lungs so this afternoon they took him down to drain it, and to run cultures on it. We
still aren’t sure where this fever is coming from. They put lidocaine on the skin, but they said it would feel like a bee sting. It took them forever! He was gone about 3 hours! We’ve had surgeries that take that long. shesh! They said they drew out 1 and a half of the iv fluids type containers. Wow! I bet that will help him breath better and deeper.

I started reading the tenns shoes among the nephites to him. He seems to
like me to read to him.

His lunch was turkey and potatoes and veggies and waldorf salad and pudding
and milk and juice and carnation instant breakfast and a slice of pumpkin
carrot cake. Lots of food! He ate about 5 bites of the salad and almost all
of the carnation drink. He wanted nothing to do with the meat-just the
smell was making him sick. Before the nurse(Lindy) took the food away she
asked me if I wanted anything. They just need to see how much food he has
eaten then she said I’m welcome to it. I finished the salad and ate the
puddings. 🙂

I looked at the temp. in his room and it’s set at 59 degrees. Plus a fan
blowing all that cold air around. Soooo cold!!! I freeze all day. Shivering freezing-even with a sweater on!

He’s such a busy guy all day-as busy as one could be laying in bed. After he came back from the lung drain procedure they had him sitting in the chair. Lindy washed his hair and shaved him and brushed his teeth. They put and air mattress on his bed so he can be more confortable. It looks nice. Makes me want to climb in bed and cuddle. lol  Then dinner came(pasta and veggies and a breadstick and grapes and a salad and milk, and a cookie. He ate most of the grapes, wanted a  banana, and ate a couple bites of cookie and some milk. I was off on a mission for a banana. lol I ran down to the cafeteria and grabbed 2 and some orange juice since that is what he wanted before. When I got back someone was there to draw blood but couldn’t so had to go get backup, the respiratory therapist was there to do the torture machine and was getting that ready. The backup came for the blood draw-he has always had such great veins, but he doesn’t right now. then they did the torture machine. And it was time for me to leave. So I’m not sure he ate any of the banana.

Today his nurse was great. She was funny and helpful and informative. He even had 2 nurses today. She had a student nurse that must have been shadowing her. I’m going to miss the icu! lol


4 Responses to “Sept. 6th”

  1. Kei Says:

    Yay on the eating! (and leaving some for you, lol) It must be so reassuring for Andy to have you there and listening to your voice as you read to him. 59 degrees in the room? Brrrrrr… I’d have my heaviest sweater on!

    Keeping Andy in my prayers and hopefully the doctors will have an answer for why he has this fever.
    Hugs, Kei

  2. Tony Says:

    I can’t wait til he leaves the icu and I can come see him… Let us know if we could watch the boys for you. We would be happy to do it!

  3. Kimmie Says:

    Same here! (Help with the boys.) Love to read these updates Ash…thank you for being so on top of it, I am sure it is hard to keep up, but without them, we would feel lost!

  4. Lori (utahmomof4) Says:

    Ash – just wanted to let you know I’m trying to keep updated on you guys. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. What a strong woman you are!

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