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September 7, 2007

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Big news for today! he moved out of the icu!!! Its so exciting! That happened after I left for
the night, so I’m really excited to go in tomorrow. Now he can have other
visitors, though we don’t want everyone to come the first days-lets taper
them out 😉 I’m happy he is moved-it means he is getting better, but I
will really miss all the attention. I wonder how its going to be here. He
does have a phone closer to him so if he isn’t getting the help he can
call me. I worry about him when he is alone.

So, back to today: We watched blades of glory on my computer. That is a pretty funny movie. He
said he liked it. He is more comfortable with his air matteress (but not all
the way) and he says it does feel better to breath now. He was in the same position as when I left him last night. (not good for bedsores, but it means he is more comfortable.) The trauma team came in and dr. White is back. I like him-he was the original dr who was
coming in with the trauma team. The fluid they pulled out didn’t look bad
or infected. They are stopping antibiotics. If they aren’t working for the
fever then it means that its not from infection. Its from something else
and will go away on its own-like from the bones or lungs.

To qualify for rehab you hae to be able to do 3 hours of reahb a day so Dr. White is going to have the rehab team come in and evaluate him. He might comehome
to heal more before going there.

Katie came up and I went to get lunch. While I was gone physical therapy
came in and worked with his legs. I wish I was here when they come. I want
to see what they do.

He hadn’t done the chair at all today so I asked his nurse and she said
something like “well p.t. just came in so…” I told her I thought we were
suposssed to be working to 3 times a day in the chair. She said she would check on it, but then we both fell asleep and nothing was ever said about it. I’m not sure how that will work when we move to a regular room-or home-will the nurses have the time to be moving him to the chair all day? It takes about 4-5 people to move him, obviously I can’t do that myself…How important is that chair after all?

Tomorrow dr. Butterfield is going to come in and take the cast/splint off
his crushed heel and put a boot on it. That’s pretty exciting, but I bet it
looks nasty under the cast. I’ve never seen anyones limb right after taking
a cast off. Its only been two weeks, but its gotta be gross.

He is eating a bit more every day. They are only doing the feeding tube at
night. At this point he just has to wean himself off the feeding tube. The
more he eats the less they will give him through it.

I don’t think I wrote-but yesterday they took the drain off his last

He was pretty grumpy today, but that’s allowed. He is hating the ‘torture machine’ I can’t wait till we are done with that.


This is my sweet boy on wednesday starting Kindergarten. It was starting to rain HARD! but I made him stand there for a picture. lol

Andy’s cool new air mattress on top of his other bed. It looks sooo comfy.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Wahoo on moving to a regular room!! I’m so happy to hear he is doing well. We watched Blades of Glory the other night, it was hilarious!
    Alex looks so cute! I bet it was a great day for him.

    See you tomorrow,

  2. Sally Says:

    Way to go on getting out of the ICU!! That is great news, and what a huge success! I bet it feels great to know that he is moving in the right direction. As for Alex- what a handsome boy! I hope he’s having a good time at his school. Congrats to you both on two weeks of recovery. I know it’s just the beginning, but it’s so wonderful to hear his progress and see him getting out of the ICU!

  3. Mandy Says:

    Great news Ashlee! Can Andy sit up by himself? When moving him from the bed to a chair are they using a slide board? That might help. It’s wonderful news about being moved out of the icu. You’re still in my thoughts!

  4. Hil Says:

    The chair’s pretty important.
    I’m really surprised the nurses are moving him by hand, they should have a lift that would help them to move him, then a nurses aid could do it by herself.
    Keep on top of the nurses, and bring them treats. 🙂

  5. Kei Says:

    Yay on the move out of ICU!!! Great news on the fluid looking good. I am so glad he’s doing better every day.
    Alex is adorable!
    Hugs and prayers, Kei

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