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September 8th September 8, 2007

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Day 1 in the regular room. WooHoo! It’s smaller than the other room. It has a wall cupboard to put stuff in. I’ll love that since I won’t have to carry as much stuff back and forth with me. It has a shelf under the tv-for when we bring in the xbox. πŸ™‚ He has his own bathroom with a shower. I’m excited about the bathroom-it says for patient use only, but I’ve never cared much about petty rules. lol The window opens a little(about 2-3 inches) but it still freaks me out some. We are up on the 6th floor and here isnt’ a screen or anythingHe doesn’t have all the sensors and screen that watched all his stats(like blood pressure and blood oxygen rate, etc) That is nice-a little quieter without that. And a little less stressful for me. I would try and not look at it, but when he would get a low number and it would start beeping it was hard to not be freaking out a little. There is a note up about weaning him from oxygen, so he will be losing that tube within a few days I think.

When I came in this morning he was awake and happy and giving me crap for being late. He told me he was about to call. lol (A girl has to shower sometimes!) So he was in a really good mood. That is great.

The physical therapist came in with a wheelchair. We slid him over and in
that. It was horrible-andy really thought we were going to drop him. I
wasn’t so sure we weren’t going to myself! He sat there for a half hour and we moved
him back. It seemed to be common consensus that he isn’t quite ready for
the wheelchair and we should move back to the stroke chair. I’d say! That
was hard. He got half a bath and trudy and celia came up with a gift basket
for him. He is going to love that. πŸ™‚ they are just going to finish his
bath later-no emergency.

His lunch came in but after all that moving he was exhausted so he slept
for awhile. When he woke up he was feeling sick and didn’t want to eat. She
gave him some naseua medicine. His lunch hadn’t looked good at all to him
so she ordered up a fruit plate. Mmm he should ask for that every time just
so I can eat it. Lol

the respiratory therapist came in and he doesn’t have to do the torture
machine again. Yay! She just had him do the spirometer. That’s an
improvement. πŸ™‚

I’m actually getting excited for him to be good enough that I can lay in the bed with him. He looks so comfortable(he isn’t) and I just sit here in the chair. I want to cuddle! lol I really think it will only be a couple more days, but he might say differently.

He is really hot today, but his temperature is the lowest it’s been for a long time, so she said that sometimes the medicine can just make one flushed. I’m glad that his temp is down. Yay! The trauma team came in and didn’t say much, not much has changed. But he did say that oddly enough his temp his down now that they have taken him off the antibiotics. Weird, but we’ll take it.

I’m going to dinner tonight, so I’m updating my blog right now. I’m not sure I’ll have updates to add, or the time to do it tonight, but if something else big happens today I’ll make sure and post it.

I can’t get the pictures from today to upload. I have some, but they’ll have to wait for tomorrow.


2 Responses to “September 8th”

  1. Kei Says:

    I love coming here and reading all the improvements Andy’s making. I can feel your excitement through your writing~ you’re awesome. I hope you have a wonderful dinner and can’t wait to see the pictures when you get a chance to post ’em.

    Hugs for you, prayers for Andy~ Kei

  2. Tony Says:

    Love the new room! Love the improvements! I’m really excited! I wish I could’ve come to see him today! Tell him to get ready for me to come, cuz he’s really gonna be sore from laughing so much! I can’t wait!

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