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Sept. 9th-Sunday September 9, 2007

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Today  I stayed home with my boys. We slept in and hang out, got ready and went to church. Stryker is still having a bit of a hard time with primary. I’ve been there with him in nursery and his whole time in primary now. I sat at the side of the room during primary, then he went to his class fine. I’ll just have to slowly wean him off me being there. the boys were terrible in Sacrament meeting. Aprill came with me again to help out, but the boys were just everywhere!

After church and lunch we went up to the hospital to visit Daddy. He is looking good. He doesn’t have the oxygen anymore, so now he just has an iv port and his feeding tube port. Even the finger blood pressure moniter isn’t on all the time, just when they want to see his stats. So cool. He was in a good mood. he smiled at me a few times. I was joking with him about stuff. The occupational therapist came in and had him brush his own teeth. When she left I made fun of him-‘yay! you can brush your teeth! It’s a great day!’ lol So funny.

Here are pictures of yesterday that I couldn’t get to upload:

This is the finger moniter screen(this replaces the big screen on the wall.

This is Andy in his new room. It’s a bit smaller than the other one, but I bet if the bathroom wasn’t closed in it would feel bigger.

The closet. Love it! Love that I can leave stuff and not have it in the way. 🙂 I’ve been holding out for a regular room cause I thought itwould have something like this. Am I weird? lol

the private bathroom. Love it too. I used to have to leave the icu to go find the bathroom, then call back to ask for permission to come back in the icu. Annoying. Loving hte private bathroom, and not having to ‘ask’ to see him.

This is the sign I ignore. I’m there enough I should be a patient. (My mom said I should be a mental patient there, so I qualify for this bathroom. rude. )


2 Responses to “Sept. 9th-Sunday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Yay! A private bathroom!
    I see the fan in the picture~ how’s Andy’s temp? It must be exciting to go in and see fewer equipment than he had before. Are the boys feeling better about Daddy now that he doesn’t have all the monitors & tubes/ivs?

    I imagine the boys have been enjoying the morning with Mommy lately!

    Hugs, Kei

  2. ashandike Says:

    His temp has gone done. No fever anymore, but he still feels hot all the time.

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