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Sept. 10th-Monday September 10, 2007

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I got here late. I tried to call, but he didn’t answer. He didn’t give me much crap about it though. Dr. Butterfield came in and took off the cast. His leg looks nasty nasty! I have pictures. 🙂 The nurses are supposed to come in and take out the staples and put a boot on it. We have to be careful not to have is heel resting in anything. Dr. Bauman came in, but didn’t say much. Just asked Andy if he was doing ok and said everything is looking fine.

Someone from physical therapy came in with someone from occupational therapy. We moved him to sit on the edge of the bed. These 2 ladies were lots better and motivating than the girl yesterday. He was able to sit up mostly all the way-more than he has been before. I was way proud of him. If he moves wrong it really hurts in his right leg/hip so he says he starts to panic when he gets close to where it’s hurt before, but he seemed to be able to stay calm and we got him farther than ever. Nice!

He ate hardly any breakfast. The nurses are going to try and time the medicine with his food so we can give him the medicine after food. I really think that will help. He ate quite a bit of lunch though. They brought up a fruit plate with it, and he is really liking the fruits and sometimes veggies. That is what he is mostly eating. Good for your body, but not so good for calories…

Everything looks good still. They tried to get rehab to come in today to evaluate him, talk about what our options are for where to go next. I keep forgetting to ask how long they expect him to be here. I can’t imagine it’s going to be much longer, but they never made it, so hopefully we will see them tomorrow. Its sounding like he won’t be in the hospital for much longer. He still has the feeding tube, but I think he could go to a care center with that still in. maybe even home. …It doesn’t look hard to work at all. I honestly can’t think of any other reason he would have to stay.

dr. Butterfield came in and took off the cast. His leg looks nasty-old dry wrinkled skin and bruising and skin peeling. There are a few areas that had blisters before but they put something on them and they look great now. Another boot like the one he has on the other foot is on order. It will come tomorrow. For now we just have to make sure his heel stays elevated off anything-no pressure on it. He got the staples and sutures out of that leg too.

The trauma team came in. It really fills the room with dr.s. Andy doesn’t remember them coming in before so he commented after they left that it made him nervous-I’m sure it did me too at first but I’m used to it now. He is doing good. I asked about the blood clots in his arm. The dr. Said he was fine to use his arm now and we didn’t need to baby it anymore. What changed? He still has the 2 blood clots, but since he got the cast off and its looking good he is cleared for a different, better blood thinner and started that today. They had to wait for clearance from Dr. Butterfield. The Dr. Said that they are fairly small blood clots. People have blood clots and live with them and never even know it. He said if we scanned all the people on the floor probably 10% of them would have a minor blood clot. If they aren’t worried about it then I won’t worry about it. Since they are putting him on a different blood thinner (cumidin now, levonox before-not sure how to spell either) they are even going to plan on taking out the filter sometime this week. He won’t need it anymore. Whew! Glad we don’t have to worry about that so much.

I read the first 3 days of the blog to andy. I’m going to read some every day. Its been interesting to read it to him. He doesn’t remember andy of what I was reading so far. I think it is good for him to see how far he has come. Because he really has come so far!

We read scriptures together and prayer before I left. I miss him so much at home. I can’t wait till this is over. (lol-will it ever be over? I’ll just say I can’t wait till he is home.) I feel like it never happened, and that it’s always been this way. It’s going to be so weird when he is out of the hospital to not be going up every day to be with him. I wonder what the rules in rehab are…

Pictures of the day:

he got all these staples and stiches out today after I took the picture.

His nasty foot.

The other side-can you see how scaly and gross the skin is? The parts where it’s ‘fresh’ skin is where there used to be blisters, but last time they checked his leg they put some strong stuff to fix that(don’t know what) and I would have never known they were huge blisters.


4 Responses to “Sept. 10th-Monday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Each day is one day closer to being cleared to leave the hospital. Andy really has come so far and proof that miracles do happen.
    I hope changing the time of his meds will give him more of an appetite for breakfast.
    Sweet dreams, both of you.

    Hugs & Prayers, Kei

  2. Stacey Says:

    Andy is sure improving. I hope you guys can get to the care center and then onto home.
    Take care and I think you are great for keeping us all up to date on the happenings with Andy.

  3. Kimmie Says:

    Ash, just catching up since Thursday! (Went to Montana this weekend.) A ton has happened. I did get your e-mail, was super busy but will e-mail you about your request tomorrow! We’ll work something out okay? Love you guys tons and tons, so glad he is out of ICU, wahoo! Will do all I can to help. Hang in there guys.

  4. Amy Says:

    Great to hear he’s doing so well. My hubby has had experience with blood clots, so here’s a bit of trivia you can share with Andy. The Lovonox is derived from rat poison and Coumadin is made from snake venom. Hubby’s doc never called them by thier real names. Everyday he asked how he was doing with the rat poison and snake venom. He was kind of weird, lol.

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