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9/11-Tuesday September 11, 2007

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I had court this morning(nothing to talk about there…), so I got to the hospital around 11:00. Joni called and said Jed had been there all morning and Andy had just left to go get his filter out. So I parked in valet and went to the cafeteria for lunch. He had just got back when I got up to his room. The procedure wasn’t pleasant for him. He was laying on a hard table and they were pulling on his neck. He wasn’t happy. He got some pain medicine and lunch. He ate quite a bit(some turkey sandwich, strawberries and part of a brownie and milk) and I ate his fruit plate. yummy. I wonder how much food is wasted here-I know we are wasting a bunch just in our room!

The two ladies for P/T and O/T came in and had him sit on the edge of the bed again. He did better today-he got to sitting almost upright faster than yesterday. He was still stressed about it, but it seemed to just flow easier than yesterday. He said he felt lightheaded (he did yesterday too) so it seemed like they cut it short because of that. The nurse came in shortly after that to check his blood pressure, just to make sure, and he was fine.

The nutritionist came in after and talked to Andy about his eating. He is eating more and more every day, I think. She is going to order for them to change his feeding tube at night to 1 calorie per ml instead of 2 per mil that he is at right now. They are trying to find some balance-we want him hungry in the day so he wants to eat but he still needs to be supplemented at night since he isn’t eating very much. He has been getting a liquid protein pushed down his feeding tube in the mornings, and he hates that-it’s a lot of liquid, and it makes him queasy. She is going to change his feeding tube formula to one that has the extra protein already in it so we don’t have to have the extra stuff. That will be nice. I just know that those 2 changes will help so much. I can feel him getting closer and closer to not having that feeding tube. Yay!

Rehab came in and evaluated him last night. I was hearing all day that he is going to rehab from some, and the he isn’t going to rehab from others. finally around 5 pm I got final confirmation that he IS going to rehab tomorrow. They have rehab on the 4th floor. He is nervous. It’s tough on him to be moving and all that, and I’m sure he just doesn’t feel ready. But they said they have talked to workers comp, and since we are covered in everything I think they are pushing to move to rehab a bit sooner. A few people have said that the faster we can get him moving and working the better. (1-because he is starting earlier, he will end earlier 2-he will be laying stagnant for less time so will have less to recover from, and 3-they have said that the sooner after an injury you can get going again the easier it is for your body to recover) So, tomorrow at 11 he is scheduled to move down to rehab. Crazy!

He has a matching boot on his other heel. I asked the nurse if we still need to be careful with that heel, like no pressure, etc, and she wasn’t sure. We will just err on the side of caution and still be careful with it. Can’t hurt to be careful, right?

I asked the nurse about his fancy bathroom and if I was ok to use it, and she said it’s fine to use it. So I asked about the shower, and she said that this is our family’s room and to go ahead and make ourselves comfortable, they have cots, etc. That will be nice. I’m really torn with Andy and the kids and myself. I’d love to be able to spend a little more time with the boys in the mornings and evenings. I can shower while I’m up here and he is sleeping. I already have a gym bag set up to shower at the gym, so I’ll just bring that in. Save some time and effort at home, and still get to shower. lol I’m excited for that. Simple pleasures. lol (I wonder what his room will be like in rehab. Hopefully he has a fancy bathroom! lol)

Today is the 3 week mark. 3 weeks! I keep thinking about how grateful I am for so many things. He is doing so well, and progressing so fast. I can’t believe that 3 weeks after falling 75 feet we are even talking about going to rehab. Workers comp. is paying for all the medical bills. We are at a great hospital with great nurses and doctors. I have so much support-family and friends. If ever in the future I feel like I don’t have any friends or anyone that cares about me I will just remember back on this. It’s been such a blessing to have so many that love us. Our families have stepped up and are so willing to do whatever we need. Our friends are right there behind them. I know that if I have a need I could call so many people and they’d be right there to help. I’ve learned so much about how to support someone who has had a crisis. The big things mean so much-like donations and food and babysitting, but even the little things mean so much too-comments on my blog and messages on my phone, cards in the mail, text messages and so many prayers. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they’ve put all our names in the temple. I love checking my blog and the carepage and seeing comments. I know it has meant a lot to my mom to know I have so much support too. She isn’t able to help all that she wants to since she is working, so I’ll just put in a plug for her here-I know it has meant a lot to her and relieved some of her stress to know that I have many resources to help me. I’m grateful for a great caseworker that is wiling to work around our new situation and be as flexible as she can with us. I’m grateful for my boys. They are great. It’s hard, but they are taking it fairly well. I miss them, but hopefully we will ALL grow and mature and learn from this. I’m not sure what they could learn, but hopefully this will be all for the better for them. ha-maybe they will learn how much they really do love us and miss us and when we are back to a more normal schedule they will obey all the time and be perfect little angels….


7 Responses to “9/11-Tuesday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Andy has come so far in 3 weeks. I know that everyone’s prayers have meant a lot, but Ashlee, I know that your love has been the biggest sustenance for him.
    Rehab already! Quite an awesome young man you have there.

    Hugs & prayers, Kei

  2. Aprill Says:

    I’m not sure how you know Ashlee, Kei, but you are incredible. She told me about all that you have done for her and I’ve seen all your posts. You are a perfect example of how to be supportive. I’ve never been good at knowing what to say or do, but I’ll never worry about it again. Just say what’s in your heart like you do. Thanks, Aprill (Ashlee’s Sister)

  3. Sally Says:


    I am so glad that he is moving to rehab. What a huge step! When you said that today is the 3 week mark it totally blew me away. It seems like so much has happened in his recovery that it can’t possibly only be 3 weeks. He has come so far. I’m so glad that you have such a huge support system and help.

  4. JaLyn Says:

    I’m with April in not knowing what to say or do, but April said to say what is in your heart so here it is. ((((((((())))))))))) (isn’t that hugs?) and 🙂

  5. Christelie & Moni Says:


    You, Andy & your family continue to be with us daily in thoughts and prayers. Your strength of faith and generosity in sharing with all of us what is going on in your world day-to-day amazes me. I am so grateful to know you, and learn what it is to truly BE for others, no matter what. I continue to ‘hold you in the light’, and trust that miracles will continue to appear in your world.

    Love, Hugs, Blessings & Peace to each and every one of you.

  6. Tony Says:

    Oh I love rehab! It brings an immense positive vibe on the whole hospital scene! Go Andystein! I’ll see you real soon!

  7. Richard and Peggy Says:

    Ashlee and Andy, You both are in oue daily prayers! Andrew will completly recover.

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