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Sept. 12th-Wednesday September 12, 2007

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Good day-nothing much happened before the move. I got here at 10am and we just hung out fairly unbothered. We moved down to north floor 4 around 1 pm. the nurse checked his body over and noted where all the surgeries/slits are. She asked him a bunch of questions then we got him all adjusted. They got the fan brought down and his lunch brought down. He is in a shared room. Ick. With an old guy. Double ick. I haven’t talked to any dr.s yet, but the nurse said she thinks he will just be here to get him more independent and able to move him into a wheelchair-then it sounds like he will come home to heal more. That will be interesting. There is a code to get out of here. I guess there are a few patients with brain injuries and they don’t want them escaping. Lol so we’ve had a few rooms where its maximum security to get in and now its maximum security to get out. So funny. Since we are on the other side of the building there is a closer entrance-there is valet on 9th and 4 street and an entrance there.

Lots of people in and out asking questions. They didn’t get a report so they have to look through the whole chart to see what precautions they need to take before they can do anything. Misty from pt came in and talked to us. Asked some questions about our house and stairs and all. She said the goal here is to get him to be able to do transfers (moving to a wheelchair) alone, or with one helper(me) then he will come home for awhile. They are going to work with him to get him more comfortable with sitting up(using a reclining wheelchair) then we will make a home visit to explore and see what needs to happen there to make it possible to come home. She estimated 4-6 weeks that he will be here. Right now its against the rules to stay overnight but once he is closer to coming home she said they have a transitional area in the hospital where they will want me to come and be spending the nights so I get used to doing everything for him that he will need-and bringing the boys in so we can get used to me doing what he needs with the boys around too.

We aren’t doing any therapy today while we get him settled in, but tomorrow he will start. It’s really weird sharing a room. I’m not allowed to use the bathroom here. Pooey. It’s an interesting bathroom-shower toilet and sink all together and a slanted floor. I bet it makes it easier to help people shower with it just a big room.

Ew, the old guy just got his bum changed(privately) and it was stinky. gross. I don’t like sharing a room. That sucks.

Someone with a missionary tag came in and brought a flyer about church on Sunday.

OT came in and had him sit on the edge of the bed. They want me to bring in some clothes for him to start working on dressing himself.

His nurse came in and did a little orientation for me. They prefer visitors to come between 4pm and 8pm. He will be doing 3 hours of therapy throughout the day and it’s just easier if people aren’t here during that. (She said I’m ok to be here) Then they do showers at night. I’m really wishing he could have a private room, and maybe longer visiting hours. Kinda feeling like there would be a better rehab place, but I’m not sure what to do about that. Is it too late? How do I even research that? He probably isn’t that easy to move, so maybe we should just stay here and choose our own rehab when he goes back for the walking in a few months. I guess I really just don’t like the shared room. The nurse said that when they move to the new hospital all their rooms are private rooms, but that isn’t till the 29th I think she said. (the 29th of this month? really? that’s only 19days away, we will probably still be here then….hmmm…)

For some reason it’s been a hard day for me. It’s exciting that he is moving and healing, but I guess I’m just feeling out of control. I was really comfortable where we were-I knew how it all worked and what to do and where to go, and I’m not liking the newness. It’s all so unfamiliar, and I’m having a bit on anxiety about it all. A new entrance/exit, new therapies, new nurses, new rules. I like to know everything that is going on and why and I’m just feeling lost here. I’m sure that will get better, but for now it hasn’t been that great of a day for me. blegh. (I have no idea how to get out of here to the main entrance when I leave!) I wonder if Andy feels anything like I do. I think ‘this must be hard on him’ but he is a much different person than I am and maybe he doesn’t get stressed like I do…I hope. lol

Pictures of the Day:

His chest tube hole-looking good!

His stomach-it has steri strips on it.

Andy today. He was in a lot of pain when I was taking the picture and would NOT smile.

his shared room, old guy is out doing therapy.

We finally got that poster up!

A new tag-the old one was pinkish red and the scanners had a really hard time reading it.


7 Responses to “Sept. 12th-Wednesday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Wow… so much going on. Okay, the sharing the room ewwwies made me laugh…. I mean, did we need to know about how smelly the room mate is? LOL.
    Sorry all this change is so rough on you. It does seem like so many changes in such a short amount of time… heck, you were just starting to move things in the closet of the last room! And I know how frustrating it can be when there hasn’t been a synopsis of what the needs or what concerns there are, etc at the front of the chart for the new set of staff to look over. My head would be reeling with all the changes and learning new routines… add to that anxieties, hey, I think you’re doing awesome. When the anxieties get overwhelming, take long, slow, deep breaths… and remember, people aren’t just praying for Andy’s healing… we’ve also got you covered.

    The bright side is that Andy is doing more every day… and that’s one day closer to being home.

    Hugs, Kei

  2. Tony Says:

    I am really excited about andy going to rehab! You get free pop, scrubs, and almost everything else, plus, when he gets in the wheelchair, you can go play games and hang out in the leisure area. Plus, you actually get to work with those awesome physical therapists and make strong friendships with them. I can’t say enough about there. Even the Ice machine puts out the best ice and I don’t see why you couldn’t bring the snowcone machine up there either. Gentry (lacies sister) worked with misty and they loved her. This is going to be really cool!!! I hope that you can get the same feel, and I know it’s tough to change. Will they move him over to the new hospital????? Crazy world! Go ANDYSTEIN!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I am so sorry you are having a hard day. All this change is difficult and just when you start to settle in and get a routien they change things. Hopefully things will feel a little more comfortable in the morning. Andy is doing a great job of healing and getting closer to being back home and you are doing a great job of helping him. Stay strong. You have so many people praying for you and sending you strength.

  4. lace Says:

    I’m glad to hear he is in Rehab, one step closer, that’s really good. I’m sure it’s hard to get use to all the newness like you said. When Gentry was in I hated the shared room too, I’m glad they will have private rooms at the hew hospy, that makes much more sense! The good thing about the 4th floor though, is you have that big great room with puzzles and playstation and all kinds of entertainment, it’s much easier for him to visit and I think you’ll end up feeling much more comfortable there. We use to spend all of our time in that great room cause of the shared room thing! Infact, we had Christmas dinner there! 🙂 I’m sure you have figured out how to get to the main entrance by now, but just incase you take the elevator right outside the locked rehab doors down to the main level and it brings you to that hall with all the pictures of people and the little cafe, so you get off the elevator and go left and the main entrance is just past the cafe, you turn right. By the way we’ve been thinking about your little S and how he’s going to be 4 years old this month!!! WOW! I don’t even believe it!

  5. Trina Says:

    It is amazing the progress….what a tough guy!!!! I really can not beleive he is in rehab already!!!! Just a miracle!!!!

    Love you guys!!!

  6. Sherry3995 Says:

    Ashley you are at the heart of Andy’s recovery. It is the loving support of you that will help him to continue the healing process.

    Keeping you both in prayer!

  7. Kimmie Says:

    SOrry to hear about the old guy…when Emmaree was in the hospital, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have a private room. Oh man. Do we know the story behind the poster? I will be praying as you transition, that it will go smoothly. Have you heard of Health South. I worked there. THE BEST rehab hospital, seriously, LOVED IT!

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