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Sept. 13-thursday September 13, 2007

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I had Charlie’s 18 month appt today. Poor Charlie had 4 shots. 😦

Andy called me while I was in the waiting room. I guess I forgot to tell him I was going to be late today. He was in his reclining wheelchair and at 90 degrees! Isn’t 90 degrees sitting straight up? WoHoo! Day 2 of rehab and he is sitting up all the way! Go Andystein! lol He sounded happy too. Good. I called him back after I had dropped the boys off and was on my way up and he couldn’t talk cause he was getting a massage. Spoiled! lol I guess they massaged his thighs for him.

When I came in someone from speech was here working with him. Evaluating. She was asking things like “what does ‘a dollar short and a day late’ mean?” (I don’t think that was one of them, but phrases like that). She said he is fine, maybe working on some memory issues, but I don’t think speech will last for long. PT(adam) came back in and moved him back to the bed. Andy was hurting and wanted moved back. They said that he helped more moving back than he had moving to the chair. Everyone is so encouraging that he is getting better. Adam stayed and did some leg movement. He had Andy’s legs in positions I haven’t seen them in a long time. (Like his right one straight out and lifted up some-that is the position I said I got yelled at for doing before.) His ‘home goal’ for now(what we work on when PT isn’t here) is to straighten the legs and he can push his knees down into the bed. He can work on trying to lift his legs up in the air. He can’t do that right now, but the more he works at it the better it will gets. And, just to try and sit up in the wheelchair as much as he can. The more he sits upright the stronger he will get.

Susan, the nurse from workers comp. came in and introduced herself. She will be their person who follows Andy through this. She asked about the house and stairs. It seems like it’s a concern that we live with so many stairs. She told me that ADA rules say that on ramps-for every foot you rise you have to have 12 feet extra, so that would just take the whole backyard! I’m not sure what we are going to do. A few have said ‘You’re renting?’ You could move. Bah! I don’t want to move right now. I like where we live, we have awesome rent and lots of space and built in benefits. Hmmm. I’m going to think about what I could do and she is going to look into what they can do(like pay for a temp. place for him, nursing home, etc. till he gets to where he could do the stairs).

A nurse came in and poked his legs with toothpicks-to map where and how much feeling he has, and she did vibration on the toes for the same reason.

It’s pretty squished in this room-both Andy and Dave(the other guy) have the reclining wheelchairs and tables(and beds)and Dave has a motorized wheelchair. They are talking about moving rooms around-she said that she is looking at all the rooms and trying to make it work best. Sounds like we might be moving. We just have a lot of equipment in here.

I’m feeling a lot better about here. They are all really nice and Andy seems to be in a good mood and happy. Happiest he’s been yet. πŸ™‚ He is improving already. All we need is a private room. but that isn’t going to happen. The nurse said he ate quite a bit of breakfast, and drank a whole boost. Good job Andy!

I’m really feeling for Dave. I can’t rememeber what he called it, but he has an immune disease that is attacking his body. He has only been here 7 weeks. he can’t really move his arms or legs. He doesn’t have much feeling all over his body. I can’t even imagine. Andy is in a bad place, but he is healing fast. Dave told me it’s just such a helpless feeling. Wow. He did say that he could recover from it though. That would be good.

He sat in his chair for 4 and a half hours today. They were impressed with that-Dave(his PT person) said it takes them a week usually to get people to that point. The last time getting out of his chair he did some of the moving all by himself with them just supporting his trunk. WooHoo Andy! Impress them all. While he was in his chair we took a little walk-explored the area. There is a commons area with a tv and playstation and some games, a little dining table. There is a patio outside with chairs and tables. We took him outside and immediately he wanted to come back in. Too hot. He is hot all the time in the hospital and has a fan on him almost always, so outside was way too hot.

We moved rooms! Between the 2 guys there was just way too much equipment, so we got moved to room N471. Yay! It’s private for now, but probably not for more than a day or so, but I can deal with that I think. Today’s been a good day. We have been laughing a lot with the therapists. It’s been kinda fun. πŸ™‚ It’s been really good to see Andy happy and laughing and joking. He has been in a much better mood today than he has been.


4 Responses to “Sept. 13-thursday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Poor Charlie~ I hope the shots don’t bother him too much. Though I think it’s harder on the parents because you know they need them; it’s just hard to see them get all upset like that.

    Way to go Andy!!! Next thing you know, he’s going to be wheeling himself over to the playstation and that’s where you’ll find him when you visit, lol.

    You seem in much better spirits today Ashlee~ I’m so glad.

    Hugs & prayers, Kei

  2. lace Says:

    I love it! Go Andystein! Keep fighting through it!!!!!! Nothing can hold you down buddy! You’re unstoppable!

  3. Kimmie Says:

    Ooo so good to hear such good news. Ash, seems like I may never get around to writing you back, but I can swing Tues and Thurs mornings 9-1 if that even helps. Have school M-F and so does Joth in the afternoons. But my kids still nap at 1:30…that way I could go to your house and still bring my kids so hubby could work and still be able to get home so they could nap. Does 4 hours even help you at all? Please let me know okay? We can start next week! Loves. Way 2 go Andy!

  4. Sally Says:

    I am so glad to hear that Andy is doing so well with his therapy and sitting in the chair. How awesome that he is helping more during moving between the bed and chair. And even better that he is joking and feeling a little more uplifted. I love today’s update! Poor Charlie though! Shots are no fun. I hope he handles them well and doesn’t have side effects that last long!

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