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Sept. 15-Saturday September 15, 2007

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I got here around 9:30 and andy was back in physical therapy. When I walked
in he was sitting on a table thing and was holding himself up. Within a few
minutes he was sitting up with no hands holding him up. Then they had a
balloon they hit back and forth( right in front of him, then more out to
the sides to make him reach a little more for it) then they moved to a 4
square ball and threw it back and forth the same. Then a heavier little
ball, but that was harder for him. The whole time he was sitting upright
all by himself. SO COOL! Then they were done so they had me spot andy to
move back to his chair.  And he picked up his legs for me to swing the leg
holders behind them too. Andy did everything and he did it faster than
before too. He is doing so well. I am amazed that he is already moving
himself back to his chair alone. 4 days ago, if we had told him in 4 days
you are going to have to sit on your own, throw balls, then move back to
your chair on your own he(all of us) would not have beleived. This is so
fun to come in and see how far he has come. We are only on day 3 of rehab!

We got back to the room and pretty soon speech came in. Asked him some easy
questions then moved to the hard stuff. Lol he had to do a puzzle-he had
clues and had to figure out who was who and what language and sport were
theirs. Ie: the dr. Doesn’t play tennis… Etc. I hate those! Poor andy lol

he sat in his wheelchair for 3 hours this morning! He called for help to be
moved back-3 people came in to help. We told them he can do it on his own
and they were surprised-his ‘card’ says he needs a 3 person transfer. He is
moving too fast for them 😀 he showed them!

His blister popped so she changed the dressing on it. The gauze was stuck
to it and he was in pain.

They brought in walking boots last night and we were nervous. Last we heard
he wasn’t to be weight bearing. Dr. Butterfield did come in yesterday( and
I missed him 😦 ) but andy says he didn’t say anything about being weight
bearing. We were nervous about them getting the wrong message. His dr. (
dr. Reiser) came in and talked to him about pain levels and his blister and
the boots. He says that butterfield wrote the order that he can be semi
weight bearing. Like when he is moving from chair to bed he can use his
legs. That’s pretty cool. Just another step towards being normal!

Ot came in and wanted to take him to the store. There is a little market
close we were going to walk too. It took us awhile to convince him it would
be ok. On the move to the chair-we helped him move his legs off the edge of
the bed and then he did the whole rest himself. Rolled to the side, sat
himself up and moved over. It is so cool to watch that. He totally got
himself up alone-first time!

it is hurting his left buttcheek nerves to sit. He has a hard time with
that. Its just really painful.

We didn’t end up going to the store. It took too long to get into the chair
we were out of time. We will go another time. Speech came in and played a
card game with him.

There are a couple recreational therapists. They will do outings when he is
ready. He can get a day pass to leave. They can take him out to eat and to
do stuff. So cool. Then he will be able to come home on a day pass. Can’t

The tentative plan for now is for adam to come on a home eval. on
wednesday. Gotta see what they need to do for andy to come home, and gotta
see what I need to do for andy to come. I don’t see it taking the 4-6 weeks
like they said. Andy just seems to be moving so fast. I’m not sure what
they’d be doing for that long. We’ll see, but I am starting to get ancy to
get the house ready.

he had lunch and I went and got my lunch and we ate together. While I was
gone the massage therapist came and scheduled a time later to come back.
During our lunch he kept apologizing about the massage-we were going to
watch a movie this afternoon. He even offered to cancel the massage. He
felt bad. So sweet-i told him its ok. We can watch a movie another day.

After his massage his aunts and grandma came up and visited for awhile.
They were happy to see andy looking so good.

Aprill brought my boys up to visit. They are so cute. They have been
missing andy and asking about him. A couple days ago stryker asked if daddy
had a ‘wheel barrow chair’. Love it!

He told me randomly today that he loved me. He told me he is just realizing
how much I do for him. How much I’m willing to do. He joked he should jump
off buildings more often. (I told him that it might not last long if he kept jumping off buildings.) He is so sweet. It actually kinda feels like
dating again since we don’t live together.  Its hard to leave him and I
totally miss him when we are apart. Well, it would be a really bad date if
it was dating though. Lol love him so much!


5 Responses to “Sept. 15-Saturday”

  1. Tony Says:

    My little boy’s all grown up! Go andystein

  2. Cathy Says:

    He is doing fabulous! I loved watching the video. I check back in on you guys all the time. I hope that he continues to do so well! How is the rest of the family holding up?

  3. Sally Says:

    Awesome update Ashlee. I absolutely love seeing all his progress and seeing him cruise right along in his therapy. He truly is a miracle! I’m glad the boys got to go up and see daddy. I’m sure you will reconnect in a totally different way through all of this. Your marriage will be strengthened in so many ways as the time goes on, I’m sure it’ll be an amazing connection. I hope that he comes home soon! That’s so great that he can go out on day passes soon and won’t be so restricted to a hospital bed.

  4. Kei Says:

    It’s amazing to think he’s been able to do all this on only Day 3 of rehab. He’s moving forward so quickly! He’s going to be home before you know it! Stryker is so cute~ “wheel barrow chair” LOL

    Hugs & Prayers, Kei

  5. Kimmie Says:

    I always feel bad when I miss a few days of reading the blog. Oh man, so excited that Andy is doing SO well. AWESOME. I can’t believe the progress he is making, and how sweet about holding hands…what a wonderful thing! Hopefully this trial was meant to bring you closer and closer. Love you guys.

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