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Sunday September 16, 2007

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I got to sleep in today! Yay! The kids got up and climbed in bed and we talked and played for awhile. Those are always my favorite mornings. I love the ‘family bed’ in the mornings, but I never could sleep all night with them in there.

My sister and I got the kids ready and we went to church with Daddy at the hospital. It’s a half hour for sacrament and a half hour preisthood/R.S. We just went to sacrament. I spotted him moving to his chair and he moved over with very little help. Love it! (That was my 2nd time being ‘in charge’ but my first time with no one else around from the hospital) Alex and Stryker did great. I had brought stuff for them to do, but charlie was a monster. It was only a half hour long. He wasn’t interested in anything I had brought. wow. Next week will be better. We were going to stay and have lunch there, I had brought up stuff, but the kids were crazy and there is nothing for them to do at the hospital, and lots that they can’t do. So we went home and had lunch and naps. We played outside and just hung out.

I really liked going to church with Andy. It really does feel like dating for lots of reasons. I am totally thinking about him all the time. I miss him. I’ll come and read my own blog a few times every day when I’m not with him, just because I miss him. It’s good, and will be really good for us(while at the same time feeling a tad lame since we’ve been married for over 5 years. lol) Today at church he wanted to hold hands with me. I don’t think he has initiated holding hands since before we were married. It was sweet. I love it. Maybe he can jump off buildings more often……


5 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Kei Says:

    No jumping off buildings, please, lol. The best way to hold onto these sweet feelings is to never forget why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Reminisce often! Write little love notes and leave them in different places, just whenever you feel like it. (I bought a really sweet card for Robert the other day & put it in his guitar case, then waited. I did have to tell him it was there yesterday, as he grabbed the case to bring to our dentist to show him the guitar. Often I find little notes from him in my favorite coffee mug, under a book I’m reading, etc.)

    I love family bed time in the mornings. Lots of cudding & laughter.
    Glad you’ve had such a good day!

  2. Tony Says:

    Oh cute you two love birds! God really does have a plan doesn’t he. Go Andystein!

  3. Lacie Says:

    This is all so sweet! It’s like reading a romance novel… well a church romance novel!!! If only it didn’t take things like falling off buildings to make our loved ones appreciate us more: HINT, HINT TONY -Just teasing… 🙂

  4. Tony Says:

    I love you Sweetie!

  5. Trina Says:

    ohhh I want to feel like we are dating again….I loved that feeling. Don’t get me wrong I love the feeling I have now but I sometimes miss the butterflies.

    I am so excited to hear he is doing so well…..Love you guys

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