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Day 27-Sept. 17th September 17, 2007

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I had an appt for charlie so I dropped the boys off at joni’s and took him. Heidi was super nice today-alex has been having a hard time wanting to go to school on mondays when stryker goes to grandma’s house. She has a really cool spiderman game on xbox. So heidi offered to go pick alex up there around school time so he could go in the morning.

I got charlie dropped off and off the the hospital. Andy was hiding when I got there. It was his time for OT but I couldn’t find him. They were going to go to the store on saturday for OT so I was thinking he might be there, it took us awhile to find him. He was hiding in a corner. He was checking his email. Gotta learn how to use a computer. It was funny. She was joking with him-‘good typing’ ‘good use of the mouse’ ‘i like the way you did that’ lol

We went back to the room and he shaved. I brought up his shaver for him. He looks so much better. He had been getting shaved every few days but its been awhile and he was starting a beard! He also got his feeding tube out yesterday after I left and the bandaging off his neck. He is getting showers. I haven’t seen it but the have something they call the ‘blue boat’ that he lays on and shower him. We did his hair. Its really long. He had been growing it out for a hairstyle-now its grown out and needs trimmed into a hairstyle. (Anyone know anyone that could come to the hospital and do that?) He is looking more and more normal every day. Love that boy!

He had lunch and PT. He moved from the chair to the table without a slide board. Nice going! I’m so proud of him. I didn’t think that he’d be improving this fast. He has on the walking boots and they are really heavy, but even with that he is lifting his legs higherand higher every day. Adam said his goal this week is to be able to have andys legs straighten. So far it hurts really bad and he can’t get them all the way straight. So watch for that!

He was hurting after PT so he got back into bed with me spotting him. we turned on The Bourne Identity and cuddled in bed but it must be a really quiet movie or something has happened to andys remote thing cause we couldn’t really hear it at all. so we stopped it half way through. I left pretty soon after that and ran to a store to get strykers birthday present. We are doing a party at our house Wednesday night at 7pm. You are all welcome to come. I don’t have time to do invitations, or calling, but We’d love it to have anyone come!

I picked up the boys and we played outside for awhile before bedtime. I love spring and fall so much. I hate the heat of summer. I kinda like the cold of winter, but I’ve never been one to play in the snow-thats much too cold. My favorites are spring and fall. Perfect weather!

Pictures Of The Day:

What a hunk!!!


10 Responses to “Day 27-Sept. 17th”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Way to go Andy!! He does look great, it’s great to see a smile on him. I’m glad you got some cuddle time in today. Enjoy it now while you can, once he’s home you’ll have 3 little boys want to join in. ; )
    We’d love to come to Stryker’s little party! Can I please bring something? Call me and let me know!

  2. Kei Says:

    Andy has such a great smile! How cool that you are getting more cuddle time together. Tonya’s right though… enjoy it now, because once he’s home you’ll be having those boys wanting in on it.
    I can’t see him being on the rehab floor for 3 or 4 more weeks… unless they just want to keep him there as inspiration for others.

    Hugs & prayers,

  3. Tony Says:

    Wow that boy looks better every day! Go Andystein! You almost look all the way normal now!

  4. Lacie Says:

    I love the pictures today! He does look just like Andy! It’s so good to see him looking so happy! I’m glad to hear that he is doing so well moving around (and on the computer-he, he, he!).

  5. Sherry3995 Says:

    He looks so good!!! What a cute smile. Andy has come so far, in such a short time. I am glad God is answering prayers. Praise God!!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Wow it is really remarkable how good Andy looks!

    Yea! Happy Birthday Stryker!

  7. Becky Says:

    he looks so much better without all the tubes in!

  8. Trina Says:

    It is so nice to see him smile and be the andy I know!!!!


  9. Kimmie Says:

    Oh my heck, he looks SO great…and no feeding tube!? AWESOME. My father in law is a hair stylist, he would do it in an instant, want me to set something up? Mornings would be best for him, or I can always ask him for another time…we would love to come up and see Andy. You can call me or e-mail me…we’ll hook you up.

    Anyway…looking good, love that cuddle time!

  10. Jeanie Says:

    I haven’t commented since a few days after the accident but have been keeping up with your blog and I am so excited to see Andy doing so well! I had brain cancer just over a year ago and I know that because of the faith, prayers and love of so many incredible people in my life that I am doing as well as I am, and I see that exact thing with Andy!!

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