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Sept. 18th September 18, 2007

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I had another appt. this morning. this time for WIC. It only took an hour-I was expecting a lot longer. I must have been high when I set it up though cause it was at 8 am. 8 AM! So I had to be ready and 3 kids ready by 7:40. We ate breakfast(granola bars) in the waiting room. Lol

we went outside with OT today. Its really different outside to push a wheelchair. He needs to practice and learn how to cross streets and manage inclines and all that. It was a workout for him. OT will be working on his arm/upper body strength. When we go out as a family I’m going to have 3 kids to watch and I’m not going to be able to spend a lot of time helping him-so gotta get him independent. He will make a good stroller. 😀

he did lots of OT and PT today-he doesn’t have speech anymore so they took speech’s spots and added more. He is doing good.

They did a chest xray again. He is saying his chest is hurting when he lays on his right, so they are checking to see what it looks like inside.

He got a ‘new’ wheelchair today. He doesn’t need the reclining one anymore so he got a lighter weight one. He is stoked about it. He can go faster, it has more tread on the wheels and its yellow. He loves the yellow. Lol they are going to try and find him a different one tomorrow though. This one he sits too low so his legs are bunched up and one of the brake levers is slightly broken. They need to figure out what he needs for when he comes home so they are trying out different ones I guess.

susan, the nurse from workers comp came in today. She is a lot more negative about andy’s future and him coming home to our house and being able to walk than anyone else. I’m feeling overwhelmed after her visit-she advocates that we move to somewhere else but I just can’t do that! Adam is coming over for a home visit tomorrow to see what we need. He seems to think andy could just ‘bump’ up and down the stairs on his bum with a cushion. Or we can just have people set up to come help him in and out of the house when he needs to get to appt.s-the problem with that is if there were a fire he needs to be able to get out on his own. Someone else said perhaps securing plywood down and using an atv wench at the top and it can just pull him up the stairs. They are disagreeing about whether he could bump up and down the stairs. I’m getting different stories from everyone. Adam came in and talked to us and said that he and dr. Reyser are disagreeing on how he can get in and out of the house. I was thinking we could clear it up with dr. Butterfield since he is the orthopedic surgeon and he would know. So I tried to request that with the nurse but she said it was more about a sore on the top of andys bum and dr. Butterfield wouldn’t have anything to do with that-but that isn’t what Adam said they are disagreeing about. Adam is coming tomorrow. I’m just frustated!

I’m overwhelmed with getting the house ready, but mostly just worried about getting him in and out-hoping he can just come home. ‘They’ had their
weekly meeting(all the drs and PT and OT and everyone…) today and they are saying only 7-10 more days till he comes home! So exciting, but that is barely any time to get ready! Bah!

this morning andy gave me his massage. He has been getting one every day from allen and this morning I woke up and my whole body hurt. It was horrible. So allen massaged my upper back. It was soooo nice. I have really been missing my weekly massages. Andy was sweet to let me have that.

His nurse came in and took out the staples in his side and the rest of the stiches in his back. I saw the so called ‘ sore ‘ on his bum/low back and its just part of the incision from the surgery. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about. I’m not a dr, but it seems like his dr. Right now isn’t very ‘there’ if that makes any sense. (not ‘there’ in the head, but I mean ‘there’ in the room) I hardly see him since he comes in the mornings before I get there-but the times I have met him he just always seems rushed and distracted and not very much like he actually cares. I don’t like him, so I have a hard time putting much credibility into what he says. (i hear from the meeting today that he is saying andy has a mild brain injury-he is the only one who has said that. I’ve heard the opposite from everyone, so I don’t know where  he got that from).

Andy was talking too susan from workers comp today about me and just how much I mean to him and how he loves me so much and how he’s realized how I really am there for him, etc. And started tearing up. So sweet! As stressed as I am about him coming home I can’t wait. It will be so nice. 🙂


3 Responses to “Sept. 18th”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    You are one of THE most amazing people. But then again, I always thought that. How sweet about Andy and his thoughts about you, and that you have a blog here to remember it forever. That doctor souns like a putz! Andy seems to be doing fabulously…

  2. Kei Says:

    I’m sure the solution to the house/stairs situation will present itself soon. Think about the positive~ don’t let the few negative opinions by others outweigh all the positive ones that are being voiced by all those who see Andy on a regular basis. After all, wasn’t the original assessment that Andy would be on the rehab floor for several weeks? He’s been there now a week with talk of him going straight home in a week to 10 days? Andy’s pretty amazing; so are you.
    Hugs & Prayers,

  3. Sherry3995 Says:

    I agree, do not let the negative influence all the positives that have happened already and the positives that will continue to happen.
    I have a suggestion, I am not sure what your floor plan is in your house, but when my grandmother had to move in with my aunt and could not do the stairs. They just created a “room” down stairs in the dining room area, they hung sheets for privacy. It is only temporary until Andy is back on his feet.

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