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Stryker’s Birthday! September 19, 2007

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Happy Birthday Little Dude! I can’t beleive you are 4 years old!

It was so nice to be able to sleep in and hang out in the morning. I cleaned a little bit. Adam came for the home visit. He measured doorways and stairs. He was a bit concerned about the bathroom entrance being a bit skinny, but later when I talked to Andy-he said that Adam told him he would be coming home, so I’m guessing that he measured the wheelchair and it was fine. The stairs to get into the backyard would need a 28 foot ramp, but there is lots of room for that, or there is another entrance into the backyard from the other side, so we could just change where we park and lay some plywood down on the grass and there are no stairs into the backyard on that side. Andy told me that Adam told him (lol) that he would be coming home, and we just have to wait and see if Susan and workers comp approve a ramp or not. I can’t wait to talk to Adam myself and see if that is really the deal now. I’m nervous about the bathroom entry, but Andy did say that Adam measured the chair. (and that isn’t the chair he will coming home with, so perhaps knowing what he will need, they can order him something that will work, since they have been talking about needing to order his chair.)

Adam said that most the of the stairs are wide enough that andy could stop on each stair, so we wouldn’t have to get him up or down the whole staircase at once. He said that he can teach Andy how to go down backwards, using the banister, to go down the stairs. They started practicing today, didn’t go to well, but day 1 isn’t supposed to.

After Alex came home from school we drove up to the hospital to open our family presents there with Daddy. It was cool. It’s hard with the kids. They just don’t have anything, but Stryker enjoyed it. They were happy to see Daddy, and Stryker was stoked to open his presents. Drives me a little crazy though-We spent a little more than I’d like to for birthday presents on something and I bought him a 5.00 ‘dragon dinosaur bird’ (a terydactyl) and that is his favorite present from the ones we gave him. bah.

It took longer than I thought to get home, so we just picked up dinner on the way and we had to hurry and finish up as people arrived. Nice hosts for a party-eating our dinner as you walk in. It’s the best I could do, but I felt awkward. The party was fun. It must be the ‘year of spiderman’ (so far we have had ‘the year of the fish’ when he was one and ‘the year of the car’ when he was two) He is awesome. He was so cute when someone would tell him happy birthday-he would just get a cute proud face. I sang happy birthday randomly today cause he was just loving it. He was really good to thank everyone. It surprised me-usually he is pretty shy in big groups and won’t talk to anyone that I ask him to, but he did great. He is getting sooo big!

So, Andy is coming home for a visit tomorrow. I’m just going to stay home and wait for him. The boys are loving me home, Looking at the big picture for tomorrow, it’s just going to be easier to stay home and wait for Andy. I’d love to be there and be there for when he leaves for the first time, but I’ll be home eagerly awaiting his arrival. Friday we are going on an outing and I’ll be there for that one.

You all reading this have been so great. I’m amazed that so many care and are interested. I really love it. It’s hard some days to make the time to update, but I know that so many would be dissapointed, so I press on. lol Thanks! Keep commenting.

Pictures of the day:

Stryker got this sweet costume. Love it! and that is the $5.00 bird he is holding.


8 Responses to “Stryker’s Birthday!”

  1. Sally Says:

    Happy Birthday Stryker! Good luck with Andy’s visit tomorrow. That is a huge step! I hope it goes well and he enjoys it. Have fun on Friday! Stryker makes one handsome spider man. πŸ˜‰

  2. Janel Says:

    Happy Birthday Stryker. Being 4 will be fun!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Happy Birthday Stryker!! Glad you had a good day. Glad Andy is doing better and gets to come home soon.

  4. Happy Birthday Stryker and congrats Ashley on all of the good news! We are getting some hinges for Lucy’s bathroom to make the door swing out of the frame, giving her a little more room for her wheels. You would be amazed at the stuff they come up with. Lucy has a bath chair at home too, so I don’t have to kill my back bathing her. And yesterday Lucy got her first walker. Pretty soon she and Andy could have a race πŸ™‚

  5. Kei Says:

    Happy Birthday Stryker! Sounds like a fun one.
    I’m so excited that Andy will be home soon! Thinking positively that workers comp will pay for the ramp; it has to be less expensive for them than paying for a new place!
    Thank you for taking the time each day for the updates.
    Oh, and I have this mental image of Lucy & Andy racing in walkers… lol.

  6. Tony Says:

    Happy birthday stryker! Go Andystein!

  7. Sherry3995 Says:

    Happy Birthday Stryker!!
    Yay! I am glad Andy is getting to come home. It will all work out!

  8. Kimmie Says:

    What a fun post! I love that Stryker and Rachel commented on YOUR BLOG! Hehehe. We are loving her around our house. When Emm woke up from nap today she said, “Baby Signing!” So funny. Anyway, we have the same problem with the $5 toys…ALWAYS the favorite, and yet I always go overboard (shhh, I secretly like the toys for myself!)

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