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Friday September 21, 2007

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Nothing happened today.

Nothing, really.

He has a UTI(urinary tract infection) and is NOT feeling well. On wednesday they ran tests for a UTI, but no one looked to see what the results are…His nurse today ran the tests again, then noticed that it was already done and cancelled them and started him on antibiotics. Poor boy. We pushed him to do PT, but didn’t end up doing much, though he was trying. We didn’t go to gateway, we didn’t do anything. Nothing happened.

He did tell me that Dr. Butterfield came in and Andy asked him about ‘bumping’ down the stairs and he said that would be fine, even without a cushion. Dr. Bauman came in and looked at the ‘sore’ on the incision and said it looked fine, was just superficial(merely a flesh wound.) so to not worry about it.

That’s all that happened. We will reschedule the trip and hopefully tomorrow he will be feeling a bit better.


2 Responses to “Friday”

  1. Kei Says:

    Oh, I hate UTIs~ Poor Andy! Hope the antibiotics work quickly. I always drank low sugar cranberry juice when I had ’em… helped a lot!!!

    Yay on the okay to bump on the stairs!

    Hope you guys get to venture out to Gateway~ have fun!!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh cutie how disappointing, you guys have had such a progressive week so it is natural to have a “down” day. We think about you guys all the time – so glad that your house is going to be ok for the recovery process and you don’t have to start over!


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