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Sunday September 23, 2007

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We went up to church with Andy again. It’s really pretty cool that they do that at the hospital. The boys were good, and Charlie was a ton better this week. After church we went out on the rehab patio so the boys could get down and play-there isn’t a whole lot they can’t do there, but it was a bit cold so we came in after about a half hour. Of course we didn’t last long in his room with 3 kids so we left soon after.

It was a really relaxed day, not much happened, but I do have pictures:

Andy’s back-that incision goes clear down to the top of his bum.

His side-this was from the last surgery. Looking pretty cool.

All my boys on the patio.

Alex-notice anything different?

I died my hair today and Alex wanted to too. What a cool dude! I loved it with the green pajamas. 🙂



7 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Lori G Says:

    I totally love Alex’s hair. I’m going to do that with Lucas some day and take his picture with my red haired Lila.

    We went and visited Andy today. He looks so awesome.
    I forgot how fun his is to talk to. It was hard for us to leave after having such a good time.


  2. Sally Says:

    What cute kids! Alex is too funny with his red hair. How fun! I’m glad that Andy is doing better with the antibiotics. It’s so great that you all can go to church there. He’s going to have some wicked scars!

  3. Tony Says:

    Now Alex really is a Gudmundson!

  4. Kei Says:

    The incisions are healing so well! Glad Andy is feeling better. I love the picture of him & the boys!!!
    Love Alex’s hair.
    Stryker is too cute! William wanted to watch Baby Signing Time this weekend so I was pointing out Stryker during The Diaper Dance!

  5. Sherry3995 Says:

    Everyday I read your posts, it really tells me that miricles do happen! Love the red hair. I really like the pic of the “boys” That is one to enlarge and frame!

  6. Stacey Says:

    I love Alex’s red hair. Andy’s incisions are wild. I really like the picture on the patio. It is great that you guys get to go to church together.

  7. Kimmie Says:

    I LOVE ALEX’s HAIR! I love that you just let him do it…I need to be more like that! Looks like a wonderful Sunday…Andy is looking SO great! So happy to see you all happy…

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