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today September 26, 2007

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Two posts at once-how exciting! Lol

andy was doing ok this morning. His chest was still hurting but not as bad.
We hung out and had lunch then went to PT. They are teaching him to do
wheelies. Its helpful, and important when going over bumps or wide cracks.
He is nervous about it-just really scared about the pain-so its hard for
him to force himself to do it. He is getting better, but not there yet.

then we did OT-they have a real bathtub so we took andy down and tried out
the bench and see if we can make it work. He did ok-so the one we are
getting will be good he thinks.

On the way back out of the tub andy started having the chest pains again.
We got him back to bed. Pulmonology was supposed to come today but they
didn’t. I’m stressing about the pain-i guess I feel like it can’t be the
blod clot since they say the blood  clot has been in there a couple
days-why would he have pain just now?

We didn’t change rooms-they had a lot of people going home today and not
enough time to clean the rooms, so probably tomorrow. Tomorrow adam will be
back too.

Someone came up later and did ultrasound on his legs to check for bloodclots-but of course he can’t say anything, we have to wait for the Dr., so we will hear about that tomorrow. Nothing much more than that today. I’m excited for tomorrow to move rooms.


2 Responses to “today”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    Praying that things go smoothly during the transition and that he can be healthy and be able to recover from this 100%. Thinking about you all the time Lady!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I hope that everything gets figured out with his chest! It has to be so hard waiting….waiting and waiting until the “right” person (doctor) comes in it’s like can you just give us a hint at what you saw? We won’t hold you accountable we just want to know. But rules are rules right….hope today goes well.

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