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Friday September 29, 2007

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I had another appt today with Alex. He is doing well. We set up bi-weekly appts for him though. Pretty soon my life will only consist of going and coming from appts. I really have turned into the medical soccer mom. Lol

I got to the hospital around noon. Andy was just sitting in the dining area. Just sitting not feeling good. Today he is having pain and is really nauseas. He did his therapies this morning in bed and was waiting for the afternoon therapy. He didn’t eat any lunch cause he was feeling so sick. We went in with Adam and Andy barely started moving over to the mat and just couldn’t do it. He was crying-he just has a lot of emotion. He hates being so sick, its stressful not knowing what’s going on, and he hates not being able to do what they ask of him. He said he feels like a failure. He has had a really hard couple days. I feel so bad for him.

We stopped therapy and went back to bed. We both napped for a couple hours. It felt really good. I love having a bed in here. We didn’t go to Gateway – they rescheduled to Monday. What’s up with him getting sick on Fridays?!? Lol

One of the surgeons from yesterday came in and talked to us. Andy wasn’t really talking back, but we basically decided it isn’t acid reflux. They are going the ‘fluid around the lungs’ route now. They are probably going to drain more fluid in a couple days. She said its normal to have some fluid, and its normal to have extra fluid when you’ve been the hospital for so long, and they don’t usually do anything about it, but he is having symptoms from that possibly so they try and do something about it.

Some old family friends of Andy’s came by to visit. The nurse came in and I wasn’t really paying attention to her since we had visitors, but she said Andy was white as a ghost and she was having trouble getting him to talk to her-so she out a pulse ox on him and his blood oxygen level was down to low 70’s. (Normal is 90 or above.) So she called in the forces. Dr. Ryser came in, a respiratory therapist came in, like 3 nurses-big deal. Asking questions about today. They put him back on oxygen and his level went back up and he ‘woke up’. Within minutes someone came to do a chest x-ray (stat!) and then someone came to draw 4 vials of blood-to check everything. We really need to figure out what is going on! This is stressing us out!

They are giving him vitamin k and some plasma to thicken up his blood so tomorrow they can draw the fluid from his lungs, then they will start him back on the blood thinners. They are giving him iv fluid-he has been peeing hardly anything. After a nap after he was put on oxygen he is feeling better-he is interacting and not feeling so gross. He even ate part of a whopper so that’s good.

We aren’t doing bath tonight. They do it every other day but yesterday he told them not to so we could do it tonight together…but he is feeling yucky and we had that scare, so we aren’t doing it tonight. Bah. I guess in the end I’m not as nervous about bath as bowel care, but I still want to figure out how to do bath.

Andy’s family came up and watched TV. i should have told them that they didn’t need to come tonight. I really just want it to be like home (except for those 3 kids…) But eh, can’t do anything about it now.

We did bowel care-it seems super simple. I just watched her, so next time I’ll do it. He has to turn every 3 hours through the night and cath at midnught and 6 am. This is going to be rough to get used to I think!


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