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Saturday September 29, 2007

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It was a rough night. We went to bed at 10:30 but the pillows are rock hard and I couldn’t get to sleep till 11pm. Close to midnight the nurses came in the change the plasma iv, then at midnight we woke up to cath. I swear the iv machines were beeping so often, but probably only a few times-it just felt like more since it’s the middle of the night and I was having a hard time falling back to sleep each time I woke up. At almost 4am we woke up to move andy’s position. It was suppossed to be at 3am, but they didn’t come in to wake us and I hadn’t even thought about bringing an alarm. A few more times of them messing with the iv’s, then at 6am we woke to cath again and roll. Slept till 8am. He had OT at 8:30 so I got up and got dressed. OT comes in the morning to do ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). Andy pretty much dresses himself. He can’t do his boots, and he has a tool he uses to pull up his pants once you have them over his feet. So the joke has become the Josh, his OT just comes to watch him get dressed every morning-implying that Josh gets kicks out of it….they joke that Josh is taking pictures to put on the website “”…I don’t dare look to see if that really is a website. eek! (Andy is very much like that-tends to be ‘inappropriate’ with everyone. It’s pretty funny most of the time though…He must be rubbing off on me.)

Then we did some PT in bed-leg exercises. He is definetly getting stronger. Adam says that he can tell that if they were to clear Andy to walk Andy could do it-he has the strength there for it. We got him up in his chair and went to OT again. Saturdays are half schedule, and today Andy had everything in the morning. He did the arm bike. Then PT again-he got on the mat and laid on his tummy. I guess that if you aren’t using certain parts of your body/skin it becomes super sensitized so you have to try and make sure to touch and put pressure on parts of your body you regularly do-like laying on your stomach. Last time they did this, over a week ago, Andy had a hard time with it. He said it felt like his stomach scar was wanting to rip open, but today he didn’t have any problems at all.

We got back to bed-that was a lot of work(even though maybe it doesn’t sound like it), and he napped for awhile. The nurses were getting spaghetti factory today for lunch and asked if we wanted any, so we ordered some. They are super cool. I’m glad we got on their good side. 🙂 Gretchen was there again today. She is hilarious. Andy has been feeling mostly better today-not hurting like yesterday and not as nauseas. It’s amazing what a little oxygen can do for your body. lol They also were giving him IV fluids all day, but he still isn’t having much output. The Dr. said that it could be normal-that if he was really dehydrated his body could just be absorbing the fluid, but since he wasn’t swelling it wasn’t a problem, yet.

No one heard from the surgeons about draining fluid off his lungs today. They were able to get his blood thickened up enough to do it, but no one came…Weird.

I think the nurses have fun with Andy. He needed a new IV put in and he had 3 nurses in there for it. Gretchen came in like 5 minutes before and just hung out in our room. We are having a lot of fun. lol

I did get to do shower today with Andy. We did it at 4pm so I could help. (Thanks Leslie for making that happen!) It went really well. I ended up doing it myself. Karen came to help, but I got andy ready and got him in his chair and we went to the shower room. They got the padded shower bench that Josh showed us we could use and that was a lot more sucessful. Andy wore his boots to transfer into the shower then I got them off. Karen just left-she asked if we needed help, that we seemed to be able to do it ourselves, and we could. So, i helped wash and all that then we dried off and got the boots back on and transfered back the the wheelchair. Josh recommended using the boots to transfer. It was such a great idea. With the boots on he can weight bear some, and it makes it so much easier to transfer. Andy said it was the best shower yet. Yay! I needed to leave right after, so Karen got him back to bed. I’m confident we can do that at home. I don’t really feel like I need to do it again up there. After all, I did it all myself. 🙂

It’s so nice having the private room with so much space. I’m loving that. It just feels so different than the shared room. I’m really glad that Andy is feeling better some. I hope that after taking this fluid off his lungs he will be back to normal.


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  1. Tony Says:

    That’s awesome! I love positive days and I dred the negative ones. So I’m extremely glad that the positive ones are sooo good! Go Speed Andystein Go!

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