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they pushed him hard! October 1, 2007

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Andy is doing so much better today. He is feeling better and acting better. It ended up being a really good day.

They pushed him super hard today. It’s really amazing what he can do with a little oxygen. πŸ™‚ In OT they did the arm bike and pushed him hard. I got there and helped him be able to shave and brush his teeth and do his hair. Then he had another session with OT. We took him outside and there is a pretty steep ramp on the north entrance and he went up that and back down alone. That was rough-it takes a lot of arm strength to keep going up and not roll backwards, then again to try and control the speed and angle of decent. Then there is a more normal ramp and he pushed himself up that one. OT’s goal is to have him experience real life situations while he is still there and they can help and tell him the easiest way to do things. Just being in the hospital is kinda a bubble, so that is why they want to get out in more real circumstances and try things out.

we got him back in bed and shirt changed. He was out of shirts so was just in a gown, but the Gateway trip was rescheduled to today so I wanted him dressed. So that means we got him back in bed, to ok the back brace off, changed his shirt, cathed, put the back brace back on, got back out of bed. So much work! That probably took about 45-50 minutes so then he only had 10 minutes to eat till PT. Adam pushed him hard! (that must be the theme of this post..) Andy transferred to the table. Usually he gets to sitting on the table and then someone helps him get his legs up onto the table, but Adam told him to try it himself and andy totally did it! He totally surprised Adam and I, and he surprised himself! It was so fluid and easy-it really just looked like he didn’t have any problem with it. We were all stunned and laughing. I was teasing him that I felt used! It was awesome. That just started off a really funny PT session. Adam had him roll onto his tummy and do some leg strengthening exercises. Andy was doing pretty good, especially since this was the first time they had done these. Adam massaged his feet. they are super sensitive since he hasn’t been using them for so long and it’s important to keep them used to touch. My homework is to give him a foot massage every day. It’s pretty painful for Andy but gets easier the longer you do it. He is really funny about it though-you can tell he isn’t liking it and is in pain, but he is trying to joke and laugh through it. We had a lot of people coming over and laughing with us through all of this. Andy is so funny.

Dr. reyser came in today and said that they were looking at the chest x-rays again and compared to past x-rays it looks like he has less fluid around his lungs than before, so they are thinking that they don’t need to drain some off his lungs….I don’t know what to think. He actually said it doesn’t look like there is even enough to be able to go in a drain it. I just wonder what changed since friday when they looked at that same x-ray…

We went back to the room to get stuff for gateway. I went and got my car out of valet and picked Andy up at the other entrance. Ron(OT) and Dave(recreational therapy) came with, but in a different car. We used our handicapped parking for the first time-super sweet! There are some benefits of this. lol Andy pushed himself around the whole time at gateway. Ron taught Andy how to do escalators in the wheelchair. that was nerve-wracking! To go up you wheel up to it and grab on to the hand rails, lean forward and just keep your arms super straight and it will pull you up and push you off. Ron stood behind Andy to spot him, but he didn’t need it, he did it all himself. Going down is a different story. It was scary-I would not have been able to make myself do it if I were the one in the wheelchair. It’s basically the same, but you go down backwards-so you wheel up to it, but your back is facing the stairs. You put your arms on the grab bars and just keep your arms straight, lean forward and you go down. In theory it would work, you would just have to get over the fear I think. Andy did it, he just didn’t keep his arms straight so Ron had to catch him for a sec. i was freaked out.

We went over to where Andy fell. It’s crazy to be there and look up. It’s so high. It’s so hard to believe it actually happened(you would think it would be easier after all this hospital…) Andy was totally fine with it. People were worried that he would have flashbacks or anxiety or whatever, but he was fine. Amazing.

We went and got caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. MMMm-those are so good! Have to go there every time I go to gateway. Ron and Dave bought for us. I wasn’t expecting that, but I guess they would have a budget for that. They both left at that point. They had to get back, and we were doing ok. We sat and ate and then walked around some. We are having so much fun ‘dating’. I can’t wait for him to ‘move in’. πŸ™‚

We got back in the car with no problems. Each time is getting faster and faster. He is getting more used to the movement and he is getting stronger. When we got back to the hospital he even wanted to go down to the cafeteria and get dinner. He doesn’t even want to do that. He has once before with me, but he is usually just tired and wanting to get back to bed. I can definitely tell he is getting much better, even with setbacks. He is so strong!

Tomorrow is meeting again. I wonder if his discharge date is going to get changed or not. I can’t wait to talk to Susan about the house stuff. Nothing has happened and I’m really getting nervous! We haven’t heard anything more about the bathroom, the supplies, the lift thingy, the wheelchair-nothing! I can’t stand this. I need to have everything ready….like last week! My OCD is freaking out that he is coming home this week and I have nothing! bah! (on the other hand, I have to remind myself, he isn’t even using his bathroom at the hospital. He caths into a plastic ‘urinal’ in bed, and they do bowel care onto chuck pads in bed too, so it’s not the end of the world if he comes home and we continue like that…)

I’m trying to figure out the best time to do his welcome home party. I’m sure we will find out a definite date for discharge(barring the unforseen…) and hopefully tomorrow nights post I will know when the party will be. Everyone, and I mean everyone even if we don’t know you or haven’t seen you in forever, is invited. I can’t wait!


7 Responses to “they pushed him hard!”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Way to go Andy!!! What an awesome day! I’m a bit jealous of that caramel apple though. πŸ˜‰
    I can’t wait to hear news of him coming home. Let me know if I can help with anything.

  2. Kei Says:

    What a great day!!! After all that, you both must be so tired… okay, Andy probably is more tired physically, but still… the going down the escalator~ I’d have been sweating for him!
    I cannot even imagine what it would have been like to be back where it happened and look up and realize just how far a fall it was.

    We’ll have to figure out how to have a cyber Welcome Home party for those who can’t be there.

  3. Kimmie Says:

    Cannot wait! SO excited for coming home party. What an amazing post today. I always think about you guys, at the most random times…Flavio and I just think the world of you, always have…you are such a wonderful woman…we’re here when you need us…abuse us please!

  4. JaLyn Says:

    Wow…you are amazing. I’m so happy for you when I read about the good times and so concerned when I read about the bad times. I’m glad you have the privet room and I loved hearing about the trip to the gateway. hugs

  5. Tony Says:

    Andy, You’ve only been dating this girl a little over a month and you’re already moving in with her!!!! WOW

  6. Sherry3995 Says:

    I am with Kei, maybe we can use the ST chat room to welcome Andy home.


  7. Lacie Says:

    Wow! Way to go on the escalator!!! He’s one up on me, I barely can do an escalator on my feet -seriously! They scare me! I can’t even imagine doing it in a wheelchair!
    So excited for Andy to be home with you guys! I hope it all goes smoothly!

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