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Wednesday October 3, 2007

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I didn’t spend much time at the hospital today. I had an appt. in the morning(that spawned weekly appts for Charlie) then Susan and the contractor came over to look at the bathroom. they are going to widen the door way and part of the wall by the counter. they are going to get a new counter to put in and try and match the tile on the floor. I realized that even if we do the toileting in the bedroom, he needs to get in to shower in there so I expressed that concern. She said something about doing sponge baths, but she has said it could be a couple weeks to get this done. thankfully the contractor said he could just come in and open up the wall so andy can at least get into the bathroom. It doesn’t need to be finished before he comes home, but I just really hope he can get to our bathroom!

I stayed home the rest of the day with the boys. They are cool. We didn’t do much though. I went up tonight to be with Andy and do shower and bowel care. They take a lot of energy and time, but they are pretty simple. I’m ok now I think. I’m so tired, so today is a short update. Andy is doing better, we still don’t know when he will come home for sure. I hope we have more than a day or two notice, but I’m thinking we won’t.


2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Kei Says:

    You know what? Sometimes the ‘not doing much’ is pretty cool too. Just hanging out together is very underrated.

    When all this happened 6 weeks ago, did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you’d be sitting there getting ready for Andy to come home already?

    Pretty amazing.

    Hugs & prayers, Kei

  2. Sherry3995 Says:

    Ashley, you have done an awesome job of writing each day about what has been going on in your lives. I stand in awe, because I am not sure I would have had the time and energy to do all that you have done, if I had been facing the chalenges you have been facing. A short note is just fine. ((hugs))

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