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tuesday October 9, 2007

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Everything takes so much time. Today I thought I had an appt for Charlie at 10am and didn’t remember it was tomorrow till I was there-so I went and got gas and went to the bank instead. Neuroworx called and wanted to get andy in for an eval asap so we went in to that. it looks pretty cool. They have an awesome pool with a treadmill in the bottom. He can get in that and walk before he can be totally weight bearing.

We rushed home-someone was coming to bring a hospital bed. Andy has been having a hard time in our bed. It’s harder to roll and move in the waterbed and it’s impossible to cath without me doing waterbed gymnastics. That will be nice. It’s out in the living room, so that won’t be as nice in the middle of the night, but he will sleep better and I won’t have to find balance at midnight. He is pretty happy about it. He napped on it today. (so jealous! I want a nap!!)

I was late for an appt to get Andy’s tlso cut again. It’s still a little too low and is hitting his ‘bumps’ still. they were super cool about it. I took Stryker. He has had the worst gas the last few days. Something is rotting inside that kid, but the funny thing is-he likes the smell of it. We got back in the car after the tlso appointment and It was fuming from a stinker. I asked him if it was him and he said sniff”no” sniff, sniff, sniff. He kept just smelling it till it was gone from the car. He has been doing that every time he stinkers-just smelling it. sick! and he’s hilarious about it. He tries to blame it on other people. He will stinker then ask “ewww, who stinkered?!?” and I’ll say “You did-sicko!” and he says “oh.” and smiles mischeviously. What a bum.

Had to rush home to pick up Alex for an appt for him. I got him there on time. We got home and had dinner and hung out. The boys went to bed ok. Today was a bit better. I’ve been onry all day though. I really need to work on that. I am still so overwhelmed. I’m trying to not stress, but I just feel so out of control it’s crazy. Life goes on. Goodnight.


4 Responses to “tuesday”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Wow! sounds like a busy day! That’s too funny about Stryker! LOL Sounds like my son. 😉

  2. Shanna--Ashlee's mom Says:

    hey, all you people who are willing to help. Contact me at 965-6285 and let’s see if we can ease the load a little. Any help is wonderful!–folding laundry, vacuuming, watching kids while A & A go to therapy, helping out at her house in any way would lighten the load a lot. There have been some wonderful offers for help and boy can she use it. Thanks for your generosity! You have no idea how much she appreciates all that has been done so far but, unfortunately, it’s not over yet. Thanks again–you all are great!

  3. Kei Says:

    Stryker is too funny! Hang in there Ashlee.. you’re doing awesome! (((HUGS)))

  4. Kimmie Says:

    Laughing so hard I think I might faint. Phunee! Hang in there babe…

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