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yesterday-thursday October 12, 2007

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It was a pretty good day. Aprill was here most of the day-can I make it against the rules that she goes back to work next week?

We put away my 7 week pile of laundry. Yay! That has been such a mess and the longer it went the harder it was to get the guts (and time) to tackle it. It’s gone now! Just in time for me to start laundry again. lol

We went to target and picked up some stuff, including a sweet shelf for my storage room. I have a laundry basket for each person for sorting, and now they can just sit on the shelves and always be out. I’m excited about my nice clean organized storage room, and almost nice organized house. 🙂

We took the rest of the stuff to storage. That’s all I could find for now-my house is feeling a lot more roomy and my storage is just over half full. Yay! And to boot, my storage is organized-the stuff that I won’t need is in the back and the stuff I’ll need sooner is in the front. Sweet. I really love being organized.

Someone took the kids tonight so Andy and I could go out. We went to hires. Yummy! I love that place. Trudy took the kids to dinner and they got to go to the dollar store and pick out something, and she bought them all new shoes. they had a really fun night. We all came home to my mom and dad over here fixing things and decorating the boys’ rooms. Alex has trees and stars and a brown sheet around the bottom of the bunkbed to make a tent, and stryker has a blue sheet on his ceiling(it’s broken up a bit and he was sad about it) and he has fish and a nightlight. they both love it. alex asked for his sleeping bag to sleep in. Sometimes we do that, but it was getting late and I was tired so I told him no-only for camping. Well, the smart boy said “Well, it’s like I’m camping”. Guess who slept in his sleeping bag last night? lol

Andy felt better today. His bum still hurts a lot when he is sitting-just lots of nerve pain, but he is getting some feeling back in that area and that is really exciting. My next goal for my house is to rearrange my furniture so that andy can see the tv from his hospital bed, and to have his supplies all in his reach so he can get them when he needs. oh, and put away the new batch of laundry right away.


One Response to “yesterday-thursday”

  1. JaLyn Says:

    you have been through so much in the last few days!! you have also achieved much!!! give yourself credit for the things you get done (and count everything: stories read, showers taken, breathes taken before speaking, etc.) cleaning house is a good thing. A little time taken now can lead to more happy time latter. keep your chin up. with love, JaLyn:)

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