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Thursday November 1, 2007

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We are getting into more of a routine. I’m still needing babysitters every day. I have so many people that have offered to help, but it just takes so long calling. I’m not meaning to complain, but it’s just tiring week after week. It’s so nice having someone come and give Andy a shower. It’s working out really nicely-the same girl comes every time and I like that because she can get used to him and what he needs, etc. We don’t have to ‘train’ someone new each time. She is 18 and cute though-good thing I’m confident in my marriage! 🙂

Pick me up is great-except today they had down that his pick up to come home from therapy was a ‘will-call’ and not 1pm like we thought, so I ended up just going to get him. We will just have to be sure they have it right from now on.

My friend Tonya is great. I really owe her a lot-this is the second week she has come and cleaned my house. This week I wasn’t even home and she just came in and cleaned. For a second I had forgotten she was coming and couldn’t figure out what had happened to my house! Thanks Tonya!

Andy had a Dr. appt with Dr. Butterfield on Wednesday. It was a mess-I went to the wrong building. Susan, our workers comp. contact was meeting us there and I’m glad for that or else I wouldn’t have found the office. I was able to call her and we figured it out together. He had more x-rays then we met with butterfield. His sacrum is looking good and his heel is looking good. The legs don’t have as much bone growth as they need. So we are doing a bone graft. They typically do them from the hip, but his is going to be from the femur. It has less recovery time. It’s a 2-step process. He will go in Monday and they will clean out the area then put in antibiotic cement. In about 3 weeks he will go back in and do the actual bone graft. I’m not hardly even thinking about it right now. I sort of feel like I’m just surgery jaded-it’s just not a big deal anymore. I feel like it should be a bigger deal than it is. (ha-to be honest, I’m actually kinda excited about having a day or 2 with him back at the hospital!)

We asked about weight bearing-PT wanted to know if he could be 30% weight bearing so he can do the treadmill in the pool and butterfield said he could. Yay! That’s pretty cool. Andy asked about getting the back brace off and he said basically that it isn’t his thing, but he doesn’t see why not-but we will have to wait for our appt with bauman on the 14th. I asked about the boots and he said Andy is fine without them-at least till he starts walking. Yay! Yay! No more putting boots on and off! That will help Andy’s feel be desensitized faster. He can use his bare feet for transfers, his heel can touch the ground. It’s such a relief for me-I can’t wait till we can get rid of the back brace too!

Andy still has a uti-a few days after the last antibiotics it started coming back. it’s nasty. We will get rid of it soon.

Overall it’s getting better. It’s definetly getting more normal. It will be a lot easier when Andy starts hurting less and we can go out and be normal more. That will be great.


3 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    SO glad for the update. Glad to hear things are getting more into a routine, on the road to NORMAL…so happy to hear such great news. Love that! Hope all is well…still here if you need me, really good at other people’s laundry, I’ll even iron it for you.


  2. Kei Says:

    I am so happy things are getting more into a routine and feeling more normal for you! Andy has come so far is such a relatively short period of time!

    Hugs & prayers, Kei

  3. JaLyn Says:

    Want you to know that I’m still here, thinking about you and praying for you to have the strength you will need to push through this. Sounds like your doing good. Keep progressing!! 🙂

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