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November 16th November 16, 2007

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Wednesday Andy had 2 doctor appt.s first with Dr. Bauman(the spine surgeon) at 11:30.  We waited till 1pm before we acutally saw him. An hour and a half! It was madness. We assume he was eating lunch-they actually told us before we went back to the room to wait longer that he only had one room that day-so if we were then in that one room, and still had to wait 45 minutes…..where was the dr.? So frustating-so rude. He looked at the x-rays and said that everything is looking good, then seemed to be done talking. Andy asked if he could get the backbrace off. Bauman thought about it and said he thinks that is fine and told us to come back sometime in Jan. After an hour and a half we saw him for about 2 minutes. So terribly rude. He was actually snacking on something out of his pocket the whole time too-very unprofessional.  But the good news is that Andy got the back brace off!!! yay!!! I took it off him in the car after the appt. 🙂

At 1:30 we had an appointment with Dr. Ryser. Of course we were late since we didn’t even see Bauman till 1pm, but susan, the workers comp nurse went ahead of us and let them know we were on our way(since we take longer getting places now).  That was actually a really good appt. He was helpful and stayed to talk for a long time. He was punctual and concerned. It really changed my opinion of him a lot. We talked about his pain level and how different it has been at home vs. the hospital. Why he was able to sit for hours on end at the hospital, but almost the second we got home it couldn’t sit for longer than a half hour without intense pain. Well, we finally figured out that on one of his nerve pain medicines the original instructions said to ‘take it every 8 hours for one week then every 12 hours as directed’, but I guess it was suppossed to be ‘every 12 hours if doing well’. So, since he isn’t doing well we are going back to every 12 hours and if that doesn’t do it we can actually go more than that. That has been an amazing difference in his pain level. It’s so nice-I can see this working well. So exciting! I can’t beleive I hadn’t thought of that one. I was really trying to figure out what the difference was at home and we finally found it! lol

He checked out his leg strength. His therapy now isn’t working that as much as rehab was. I want to work on that more at home. They stretch him a lot but don’t do the movement as much. We talked about his UTI’s and how he’s had one forever and we need to get this under control. He said it is weird that the other dr. gave him the antibiotic he did(nitrofurantn) because it’s not very good on UTI’s. He checked andy’s chart about the uti he had in the hospital and why they did IV antibiotics and found that it was because it was resistant to everything else and that is what they needed. He gave us a perscription but they are running cultures and he was a little worried we would be doing IV antibiotics. That would suck. I was supossed to call on that if I hadn’t heard by today, but of course I just remembered that right now…I’ll have to call Monday. Susan made an appointment for andy at a urologist that is familiar with SCI’s (spinal cord injury) in a few weeks so that will be good to get in there. Dr. ryser was concerned about the antibiotics and that maybe it coudl be a kidney stone in the bladder. He said they can harbor the bacteria and make it really hard to get rid of the UTI.

Andy has been having some chest swelling and tenderness. (I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had making fun of him for that. lol) Dr.Ryser said it’s called gynocomastia and is usually caused by medicines you are taking, though he checked Andy’s list and called the hospital pharmacists and none of his sent up a red flag so they are doing a full metabolic workup and checking the testosterone levels. Poor boy. It’s reversible, but we have to figure out what’s causing it first. I keep telling him he can have more sympathy for little teenage girls and how sensitive that area can become. lol

We talked for awhile about the happenings with cath’ing and bowel care and… He was great and informative.

We then went down to the lab. Gave them a urine sample for the UTI and some blood for a metabolic workup, then to x-ray for them to check for kidney stones.  Andy did amazing the whole time. It was such a blessing that he wasn’t in a lot of pain like every other time we have gone out. This was even before we changed his nerve pain medicine!

Today was Alex’s birthday. I can’t beleive I have a 6 year old. Crazy! He was pretty cute. He loves the attention, but gets so shy about it. Love that boy!

I’m getting into more of a routine. I’m figuring out what I need to do and what I can cut out. We are using paper plates and everything to lessen the dishes. Dishes have always been my nemisis so that is something that is really helping. I’m loving the frozen meals I’ve been given-they are really coming in handy now. I’m so grateful to not have to be cooking and figuring out what to make. My mom is off track again and has been babysitting pretty much every day for me. 🙂 I hear she is planning on helping me organize my house more. wink, wink. (Maybe I need to stop asking her to babysit so she’ll actually have time to do her stuff so she can help me with my stuff. lol) And the best thing that has happened is that Andy is in less pain. It’s such a releif for both of us.


We went to the petting zoo:




S is spiderman, C is a dog, and Ax is a skeleton(and acting the part)

Ax’s party


2 Responses to “November 16th”

  1. Kei Says:

    Yay on having the back brace off!!! I hope the pain becomes more manageable now that he doesn’t have to wait so long to take it.

    There was a period of a couple years when we pretty much used only Chinet plates to make things easier on me when William was born. That and slow cooker meals sure made cleanup so much easier.

    Happy Birthday Alex!!!

    Hugs & prayers,

  2. lace Says:

    Happy Birthday Alex! That is so fun to hear you say you have a 6 year old! All your boys are so cute! I love the pictures! So fun that you got to go to the petting zoo I bet they loved that!

    I’m also glad to hear that Andy is in less pain! That is such good news! Hopefully it will continue to be less and less!

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