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12.29.07 December 29, 2007

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I’m sorry it’s been so long. I think about all of you missing the updates ALL THE TIME. I just never find the time to write anymore.

Andy is doing a lot better. We have had 2 more surgeries to do bone grafts on his tibias to fill in the empty spaces. He had a really rough time after the last one but is doing so much better now. He is sitting in his chair for long periods of time-sometimes 6-8 hours! That has been really great, and good for morale. 🙂

Christmas was fun, the boys got totally spoiled by everyone. We are so grateful for the many who thought of us and helped us with christmas.

The boys are getting older and older. They are so good. They all really try and obey and help me. Each one is so sweet and means so much to me. I almost can’t remember life without 3 kids. (and that means Andy might just get what he wants most of all-more kids! lol)

Workers comp is such a blessing for us. We haven’t had to pay for anything. I can’t imagine having to deal with all this and be worrying about how i’m going to pay medical bills.

My sister is still helping out a ton. She is on break for work right now and basically lives here. I’m so grateful for her help. I sometimes think that without her nothing would ever get done. She actually took my 2 oldest to her house for most of the day today. I cleaned and cleaned all day! My house is looking so good. We have organized and cleaned out almost everything. It’s such a good feeling to have somewhere for EVERYTHING and still have extra space! I’ve been getting rid of lots of crap that we don’t need(and I wasn’t a pack rat before!) It’s just a lot more peaceful to have less things-less to store, less to clean, less to worry about.