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Karma January 27, 2008

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I’m starting to believe more and more in Karma. Andy gets weird nerve pain randomly-like stabbing pencils usually, but I swear that 80% of the time when he makes fun of me, makes a snide comment to me, or is rude to me(even pretend rude) he immediately gets nerve pain somewhere. I laugh so much at him when it happens. Karma is on my side! He asked me today why I don’t get any karma-that’s cause I’m perfect silly!


1.12.08 January 12, 2008

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The Miracle of the Pan Drawer

I have a drawer under my oven that I keep my pans in. It’s usually empty and the pans are in the sink. I always open the drawer, desperately hoping that there will be a clean pan to cook in, but no-it’s seemed to always be empty. But folks-line up outside my door-no, there isn’t a peice of toast with Mary burnt on it; no, there is a statue that is crying, but there is a miracle happening at my house! No longer is there a vacancy sign on my pan drawer! No longer is it sad and barren! My pan drawer is occupied and always bursting at the seams! I can go to that miraculous drawer and there are always pans there waiting to be cooked in. Come one and come all to witness the Miracle of the Pan Drawer





Thanks Aprill.


1.4.08 January 5, 2008

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Happy Birthday To Me!

It was a good day-I got to sleep in as long as I want. WooHoo! I went shoe shopping(I love ballet flats! I am wanting to stock up while they are everywhere so I can have them forever!) Andy and I went to dinner with friends to my favorite restaurant and then to a movie. We saw Juno-I thought it was really funny. Andy did really well. He took medicine a couple times and did really well. I know how much it means to him to be off the medicine, so it really meant a lot to me that he would take some (twice) so that he could go out with me on my birthday.

But now I’m feeling really fat after dinner and popcorn so off to bed I go.


1.3.08 January 4, 2008

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New Years Resolution #1

I resolve to never again take more pictures of the giraffes at the zoo than my kids at the zoo.


1.2.08 January 2, 2008

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I’ve always dyed my hair-since high school at least. I’ve never had a professional dye my hair. I’d love to, but when I can do it myself it seems so illogical to pay someone so much money(though I dream about how relaxing it is and wonder how much better it might look). I’m dying my hair tonight with my sisters help. Her hands are covered in my hair and eye-stinging bleach:

Ashlee:I should use some christmas money and pay someone to do this.

Aprill:I’m doing it-you could pay me.

Ashlee:But you don’t know what you are doing.

Aprill:You’re having me do it anyway aren’t you….

lots of laughing. Maybe I should pay somone who knows what they are doing-it’s only my hair after all…



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It’s 2008 and I have a 51 things on my to-do list.


12.31.07 January 1, 2008

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The last day of a crazy year. It’s been life-changing in so many ways for me and my family, and my extended family. Lots to think about, and to feel blessed for. I honestly feel like this past year both Andy and I have been saved from death. It has made me really re-think my priorities and realize how much more I need to be doing-for myself, for Andy, and for my kids. They are all so special to me. We have had it rough for awhile but I feel like I have crashed through so many walls with my boys and gotten closer to them.

Andy is doing a lot better. The last few days have been rough since he has stopped taking his pain medicine except at night. He does not want to be addicted and is stubbon enough to do it cold turkey. Not the easiest thing on your body. I know he can do it though-before the last surgery he was only taking one lortab for bedtime. He is really working to be more independent. It’s a struggle for him, but it’s important to me(and I hope to him) that he does as much as he can on his own. He’s so good about not whining about it being hard.

I’ve been hearing a lot about how great I am and I feel like I can’t take that compliment. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything amazing. I’m just doing what needs to be done. My life is full of choices-I choose to marry Andy and to have a family with him and with those choices come some things that maybe aren’t so ‘happily ever after’, but it’s all part of the deal. We only get to choose how we react to things. If I were to mope around and be bitter all the time, that wouldn’t change any of this. It wouldn’t make it go away. So you have to choose to be happy with what you have. I’m so grateful that Andy is alive, that this isn’t permanant, that he has a great attitude. I’m grateful for workers comp, I’m grateful for friends and family. I’m grateful for the amazing changes this has brought to our home and our marriage. Why be sad when you can choose to be happy?