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1.4.08 January 5, 2008

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Happy Birthday To Me!

It was a good day-I got to sleep in as long as I want. WooHoo! I went shoe shopping(I love ballet flats! I am wanting to stock up while they are everywhere so I can have them forever!) Andy and I went to dinner with friends to my favorite restaurant and then to a movie. We saw Juno-I thought it was really funny. Andy did really well. He took medicine a couple times and did really well. I know how much it means to him to be off the medicine, so it really meant a lot to me that he would take some (twice) so that he could go out with me on my birthday.

But now I’m feeling really fat after dinner and popcorn so off to bed I go.


2 Responses to “1.4.08”

  1. Kim Says:

    I didn’t remember you were a Jan birthday too! Happy Birthday! Where did you eat? I have been dying to see Juno, going to do it for my birthday too!

  2. Kei Says:

    Sounds like a great day!

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