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February 27, 2008

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We closed on the house Tuesday and it funded today-so tomorrow afternoon it’s all ours! WooHoo! I can’t wait! I can’t wait to live there-it all seems so unreal-I just love that house so much! Can’t wait to move Sat!


I can’t make this format right!!! February 24, 2008

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Andy is done with surgeries as far as we know-Yay! They took the screws out of his back-the ones that have been hurting hij so much. He is doing amazing-he is uncomfortble sleeping, but even that is getting better. He is laying on his back and just loving having those torture devices gone.Here is a picture of his back pre-surgery, and I will get a picture of the screws and scan in the x-rays so you can see where they were. And some cute pictures of my kids:    Andy with his ’70’s style-i need a hair cut: We have been packing!  I can’t believe how much stuff I still have to pack!  And this is the house we are buying. We are planning on moving on Saturday at 9am. Andy will be making calls tomorrow, but in case he doesn’t call you, know you are formerly invited to come help us move. 😀My two favorite pictures of C:   Andy in the pool treadmill at therapy. (He is now at 50% weight bearing, so pretty soon they can get him in the dry land treadmill with a harness system!)  


tomorrow February 20, 2008

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Surgery tomorrow-it’s really happening! We are so stoked-except for the part where he has to be to the hospital at 5:30am. Who wants to do surgery that early? Who’s awake that early? 


Another Surgery February 19, 2008

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But this time we’re excited! Andy gets to have the 2 screws in his back taken out on Thursday. (Note to self: Get a babysitter!) He is so excited! He has always been a back sleeper so it’s been a really hard 6 months because he hasn’t been able to lay on his back. At first he could for 15-3 minutes but the skin has gotten really really thin and it’s kills to even touch them. (They used to be just bumps, but they are getting more definition-more angle.) We both just can’t wait, so of course time is going by super slow.  This is hopefully his last surgery for a long time. We are getting closer to buying the house. This month has been crazy-so much waiting for big events. We are working on buying the cutest house ever, we were waiting to hear about court, we are waiting for surgery, and I’m waiting for the software development kit for the iphone comes out. I can’t stand it! 


News February 13, 2008

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Parental rights were terminated yesterday for the boys mom and for C’s dad. Ax’s dad has to be served, and since we haven’t heard from him since July they will probably not find him and have to publish in the newspaper then we have trial for him. The Aunt in OK is out of the picture-it came back that they can’t go there. It’s all really great news. We are just so much closer to adoption. BUT I am not happy. I feel so bad for their mom. I can’t imagine how she is feeling-she is losing her kids after all. The judge told her she can write them a letter and A and I can read it and decide if it’s something we will give the kids. I just can’t even imagine how she must be feeling-She was told yesterday that she will only see her kids one more time(for a goodbye visit) and that she can write them one letter they might not even get. How sad. Ax is going to be devastated when he hears-that’s his mom! It’s not my day to be happy-not yet. It’s weird telling people because I am feeling completely opposite than they’d expect, so I try and be happy but I’m just really really sad for that mom. I know, she didn’t do what she needed, she had her chance, but it’s still a sad day-so unbelievably sad. 


Too Much Cranberry February 7, 2008

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It’s been about a week and a half now that we have been pumping Andy full of all things cranberry…well, we are paying the price now. I guess your body doesn’t really like it too well when you drink juice every meal. Backing off on the cranberry! (and the stool softener!) They gave him another IV antibiotic and when he is done with this one he gets to have a CT scan of his abdomen to check for kidney stones. They have done that with ultrasound and it came back with nothing, but they just want to be sure.  He saw Dr. Bauman yesterday and we talked about the screws in his back-his back is all healed and he will have surgery on the 21st to get them out. Yay! We are super stoked over here to get rid of those screws! (but I hear that if he has a UTI they can’t do surgery…) 


UTI’s February 5, 2008

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I hate ’em! Just a run down here-We have had lots of great advice and lots of help from the dr.s but he just can’t manage to keep them away. I bet he gives urine for UA’s on average once a week, they always run cultures and have put him on at least 5 different antibiotics(including an IV antibiotic!). He self-catheterizes as sterile as he can, and has even taken a preventitive antibiotic every night for over a month to try and keep them away. (but he is allergic to it, and it wasn’t making much difference so he stopped). As of this week he is drinking cranberry juice every day(almost every meal) and taking a cranberry pill every meal.  He is still feeling crappy. You’d think IV antibiotics would make it all go away, but it didn’t. They are running cultures on his latest sample and we should hear tomorrow. It’s really getting frustrating. In general, he is doing so much better. He can sit for long periods of time, He is stronger and can transfer and move easier. He loves being in the pool at therapy and getting a good workout, but he can’t enjoy any of this because he keeps getting knocked down with UTI’s. Blegh. He has been fighting the current one for over a month now! So pray for Andy and pray that the dr’s can help him.