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UTI’s February 5, 2008

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I hate ’em! Just a run down here-We have had lots of great advice and lots of help from the dr.s but he just can’t manage to keep them away. I bet he gives urine for UA’s on average once a week, they always run cultures and have put him on at least 5 different antibiotics(including an IV antibiotic!). He self-catheterizes as sterile as he can, and has even taken a preventitive antibiotic every night for over a month to try and keep them away. (but he is allergic to it, and it wasn’t making much difference so he stopped). As of this week he is drinking cranberry juice every day(almost every meal) and taking a cranberry pill every meal.  He is still feeling crappy. You’d think IV antibiotics would make it all go away, but it didn’t. They are running cultures on his latest sample and we should hear tomorrow. It’s really getting frustrating. In general, he is doing so much better. He can sit for long periods of time, He is stronger and can transfer and move easier. He loves being in the pool at therapy and getting a good workout, but he can’t enjoy any of this because he keeps getting knocked down with UTI’s. Blegh. He has been fighting the current one for over a month now! So pray for Andy and pray that the dr’s can help him.


3 Responses to “UTI’s”

  1. Kei Says:

    Oh no.. UTIs grrrr… Make sure the cranberry juice is no-sugar added… the sugary ones don’t work as well. When I used to get them a lot, I switched from drinking tap water to bottled water and it cut way back on ’em.
    I pray they go away and Andy gets all better.

  2. Lacie Says:

    I feel for Andy on this one! I constantly have a UTI. The whole time I’m pregnant they keep me on different kinds of Antibiotics, and each time I go in they call and say I still have one! The doctor said he can send me to a specialist but that some people are just like me and constantly have one. I do drink a TUN of pure cranberry juice just cause I love it and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. BUT I’m sorry for Andy I think it’s probably a lot worse for a guy and it just sucks! So sorry I’m no help!

  3. Kim Says:

    Good luck Andy. I’ll keep him in my prayers for sure. Hopefully they can fix them so he can get up and at it again! Funny you should mention cranberry juice. Gave it to my kids for the first time ever. Jothan hated it, said it needed some, “water” and that it had “spicy bubbles” whatever that means. Not the best tasting stuff, but hopefully it helps! Hugs.

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